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hey this is mikey with another aftereffects tutorial and in this video i'm gonna show you how to do the titlesto the new dawn of the planet of the apes trailer so here's the titles i came up with andit's a fairly similar and this is done completely in after effects nothird-party plug-ins and i'm not even using 3d like element 3d or the ratetrace let me show you on the titles from thetrailer if you haven't seen the trailer there's a link in the description gocheck it out looks like a great movie and at the end the title comes in andthis is what looks like

so kind of a really neat effect i like how there's different layers of the textin the shadow casting down on the bottom layer and asi was analyzing this at first i thought all that was done in cinema 4d or element 3d or something like that and in fact i was able to recreate it pretty realistically without using anythinglike that and i'm gonna show you how to do that in this tutorial

so let's get started first off let's create you guessed it a new composition socommand or control-n will create a new composition i'm gonna call this just dawn 1920 by 1080 24 frames a second 23.976 and click ok i have it six seconds long and from here i need to first thing i need to do is create the text the dawn of the planet of the apes and this is gonna take me a little bit of time and so i'm gonna fast forward throughthis and then afterwards

i'm gonna kind of tell you how i did itbecause there's a little trick to get the right font i don't have it perfect but i have it prettyclose and someone might be able to go out andfind the correct font for this but i'm using helvetica and another fontbecause the "s" in helvetica is not it doesn't look right so i'll do thatnow and then you'll see it done okay so here i have it all arranged and when you're doing stuff like this it'seasiest to have all these different words

on different layers so you can kinda line them up how you want and instead oftrying to do it all in one layer now what i did here is like for planetand apes how the p is longer what it is is i've got these set to small caps and so the p is a capital and i'vejust adjusted it down i'm using the character settings that's how i did thaton that p and that p and then this s is a different font sothe rest of the font is just helvetica anyway

bold and then this one for the s is s-f .... i'm not sure how to pronounce that but that's the one ifound that looked most similar it's not exact but this is what i found out of thefonts that i had on hand now after you have all the fonts set up how youwant go ahead and take a look at how i did it maybe pause it so you can copy how i did that and then i'm gonnatake and pre-compose theseso i'm going to take dawn andof the

these first top lines i'm gonna putthose into one composition so control or command shift-c we'll precompose will call this top-line and make sure you move all the attributes andthen the rest of them precompose that bottom line and move all the attributes so nowthey're in two separate lines because that's how they moved in the example now i wanna had a bit of a texture tothis so i'm gonna go in to this example and i'm going to

go in and precompose this again cuz i want this all into one composition and i've just got a stone texture andthen put it down below just change the track matte to alpha andthe that will cut it out and give it a texture i wanna do that too this bottom one as wellso double click that and take all these precompose that again bring in my stone texture stick it at the bottom change to track matte to alpha matte now we're starting to look kinda more like the example

k next what i want to do is to create kindathe bevel that was there you see this kinda bevel goingon so that'll go into the top line and lots of precomposing here so i'mgonna precompose pretty much everything so precompose that call that top duplicate that the bottom one lets just hide the top layer we're going to go to layerlayer styles and we're gonna add a stroke we're going to bring that stroke size

up to 6 maybe 5 change the color to kind of a darkish gray and that's lookingpretty good the one thing actually we do have todo is i want the bevel of "the" to be smaller so i'm gonna duplicatethis take this top layer and i'm going to mask around just the dawn and take thebottom layer go back into the layer styles and bring thatdown to two

so it's still gonna be there maybe we'll go to three still gonna bethere but not as thick so that's the top line now lets do thesame thing in the bottom line so same thing going to take both these layers pre compose it duplicate this then let's go back intothis top line and lets find the layer style and just copy it command-c to copy and i pasted that nowwhat i want to do is

duplicate this take this bottom one bring the stroke to three and then i'm gonna take this top one and grabmy mask tool mask around the "of the" and then go intoinvert then what that'll do is it'll make it sothis is the small one underneath this bottom layer this toplayer is the thicker one now i don't quite like that color right there so i'm gonna come in

to this stonewall and go to effect this color correction tint and that will make everything black andwhite and i'm probably going to do that on the top layeras well k so it's starting to look good now i want to adda little bit of dimension to this to these text with the bevel so let's go in

gonna take these bottom layers because igot two of 'em pre compose again and i'm going to add an effect effect generate cc light sweep and this is gonna add a bit of a kind of a light reflection and i want this to be kinda more on thetop so i'm gonna make it about 90 degrees and we'll just do a full 90degrees maybe take the edge intensity up alittle bit

about right there i'm gonna take this cclight sweep let's go now into this bottom line again i need to takeboth of these because i had one for the bigger lettersand one for the smaller letters take both of these and pre compose this take the cc light sweep that i hadalready copied and i'm gonna paste it and i do need to bring this down lets make that whiter and let's go in and maybe take the sweepintensity

down a little bit its a little bit brightokay lets take a look at how this looks so we're now to the point where the text is looking pretty similar and we can do some a little bit of colorcorrecting to get it the way we want so let's go into effect color correction curves let's go intogreen lets add some green rgb maybe bring it downdarkness add in blue

and a bit of red and i like the color ofthat so i'm going to copy that paste it on the bottom and then there's the title so far and this is lookingpretty good but the thing that is the awesome'est about this video is how the movement in the shadow andthat's gonna be one of the most difficult things to dobut i'm going to show you how to do it right nowfirst off let's create the movement and then we'llcreate the shadow so to create the movement i'm going to add a new null object can take both these

and just apply it to the null just parent it we're going to start at the beginning let's scale this down to start about at 86 percent and then goto the end let's go towards about five seconds scalethis up so that's that initial movement but beyond that i need these two to moveseparately so the bottom line i'm gonna take thisand scale it down and i'm actually going to scale and position

bring the scale back to 100position back to normal and actually i want the scale to end a little bit less about like that maybe we can even have it and i want this actually not to go all theway to the to the end of the composition i want it to be up before even let's do it for one second okay

maybe not quite 1 seconds lets go one and a halfall right now lets add the shadow shadows tricky in order tomake it look proper it is because i'm not doing this in 3dand it's a 3d looking shadow so how i did that is i'm going to take thistop-line one that says "dawn of the" i'm going to duplicate this i'm going to take this and i'm going to pre compose go ahead move all theattributes we're going to call that shadow and let's move it below the top line in the bottom linelets go into this

lets turn this off so i can seewhat i'm doing the thing about the shadow is i don'twant any of these holes to show because if we look in theexample its supposed to be that these letters are really thick and extruded and so the shadow is coming from up aboveand so of course there is not gonna be a holein the "d" i'm in order to show through so i needto feel those up and it's just as easy as just taking this and then grabbing a pen tool make suremy layers are not selected because i'm

gonna be making just some shapes and we are filling this in and for the "of the"i want them to be just as tall as the rest of the letters but just as skinny as they are nowso i'm gonna do something like this andi also want to have one big shape that kinda goes all the wayacross the bottom this is looking a little bit crazy right now but trust me it's gonna look like ashadow when we're doneso let's go back

into this "dawn" and you take this shadow layergo to the effect color correction tintand i'm going to map the white to black so it's justcompletely black now since i pre composed itit's not connected to the null object anymoreso i'm gonna move to the point where everything islined up right and then i'm gonna connect it to the null objectso now it'll scale with it properly so then right here

i need to come into my shadow at thevery beginning turn it 3di'm going to hit "y" on the keyboardto bring up my pen behind tool andi'm gonna move the anchor point to right at the bottom and lets rotate this now lets add a blur to it just a gaussianblur but we're going to do it twice so i'm gonna blur this a little bit then i'm going to duplicate thisthen i'm just gonna blur vertical a lot let's take a look at this with

the background black and as i as i lookat this it's not quite how i want so i'm gonna go back into the shadow and i want this shape 7 i'm going to adjust iti want it to be a lot bigger like this take it more of the bottomokay that's looking pretty good see it's starting to look likea really good shadow and so in order to keyframe this iwant this shadow to be long at the beginning like this

and also have more blur so i'm going to keyframethe blurriness on both gaussian blurs and on the shadowi'm going to keyframe the scale and by the time the letters get all the way in and i'mto scale this in take down the blurriness and you can see kinda how that looks likeit's revealing from underneath the "dawn of the" alright we're almost done all we haveto do is add the rest the shadows and kinda highlight so what i'm gonnado for this

i'm just gonna create a new solid just ablack solid right over the top of this and i'm gonna grab my elipse tooland i'm going to invert it and so i've got kinda thisblack elipse over the top of it and then lets come in and i don't have tobe perfect and bring this circle in and then let's go into the mask let's feather it about 300 and i can

change the expansion so it starts off all the way dark keyframe all that move forward expand out and you know what still some the gradient so as i openthis up a little bit i'm going to increase the feather and maybe have it still kinda more dark underneath and then it starts to light now so i'm just kindaplaying through and adjusting

just in a mask to kinda fit how it looks and then one thing that you saw in the example is we got kinda this light glint on top that happened while it was still darkthat's really easy to achieve so what are you ready for that and stillnot 100 percent in love with how fast it's going on so in little bit okay so what i want to do for that nowthat i

is take this top-line and duplicate it move it above the black solid gonna takeit effect color correction tintjust turn it all black and then go into effect generate cc light sweep lets make this ninetydegrees again actually no lets make itnegative 17 will be good make it really wide and the edge intensity and basically

i want just kinda the top to show up so i'm going to mess around with the settingsuntil i'm getting most of just the top and from here going to go to effect color correction curves just to kinda crush the blacks now what i can do with this is i'm goingto my toggle switches and modes and then just go to add i'm gonna just keyframe the opacity so we kinda hits the highlight first

and that's really all there is to it and also in the exampleit fades out in the end and so what i want to do with that isagain this black solid just keyframe all this start with the expansion i'm also going to need to change theopacity on this highlight that i have change that opacity to be 0 at the same time

but i want it to kinda linger a littlebit something i'm going to have it start a little bit late so there is the final look lets render through this so there it is i don't have sound onthis but you can just grab sound from anywhere i'm i actually have the sound from theactual trailer that i used in the example in the beginning so i hope you enjoy this and hope youlearned a lot and that just goes to show that you don'thave to always use third-party plug-ins

you don't always have to use special 3d software and you can create alook that is pretty darn cool just from 2delements and all within after effects so if youhave any questions just post them down in the comments and i'd love to see what you guyscome up with using this technique and so if you've got a video of your own go ahead and put those down there as well sowe can all see it thanks for watching and we'll see you next time


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