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Futuristic Hospital Design

hello everyone, good to see you again. ehh today we're gona build something awesome! today we're gona build a high school! i've just placed a sign with the number 6 cause on every side of the sign are 6 blocks here you can see: 1,2,3,4,5,6 in total and here: 1,2,3,4,5,6 in total and there is also a block in the middle. in total we get 13 blocks made with sandstone stairs

i'm using the same texture pack as always and i have made a little road, to make it a bit more cosy ehm, i think we can start now. by placing a sandstone block right here and here i think that i gona pop this out, like this but then we get a block on the pavement, let me try this let's take worldedit with us and select this corner and this corner

slash slash set, oops! let's switch off my capslock. set four and then we get a bigger pavement. which is more convenient let's continue with our sandstone thing let's put here one on top ok, like this: we're gona make an amarican style school and let's place here some sandstone stairs

so far we have a layer of two stairs maybe we can add one more layer and then we're gona do this: then we're gona build it up we can also change it to four instead of three take your stairs but first let me place some blocks under it that would make it easier to place the stairs

stair are very anoying to place without block under it just like glass panes. they are also anoying... most of the time they will facing to the wrong direction... and with stairs, you get them to stand upside down and that is very anoying... and let's take this out by three blocks and maybe we can place her something like a path to the entrance of the school and fill this up with sandstone i think these episodes will take a long time, because we're gona make a big school!

and american things are usually quite large and because of that, we'd made a high stair, like high school!


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