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and so this panel is about postmodernism and anime, and as i mentioned because of technical difficulties i'm unable to access mynotes while playing the panel, so this will be fun--but i've done it before, so this should be okay. how many of you were at this panel last year? good. you won't be able to see how much of it is repeated. basically this is kind of a 101 panel. so if you have a degree in this stuff, if you've been studying this stuff, this is going to seem very basic to you. hopefully if you haven't this will be new and interesting. but basically i'm gonna start

the panel by going through an attemptto define a thing which cannot be defined, postmodernism... and then i'm going to talk aboutsome techniques that anime tends to employ. throughout, i'll be giving examples from shows, but then the back half of the panel is going to be specific shows, and talking about what they specifically are doing and i just gave you an indication ofwhat shows i'll be talking about so let's dive straight in with a very basic question: what is postmodernism?

and the best answer ever to thisquestion: i false paul haha alright i yeah never listens as was delayed a few years old as i am to postmodernismwe have to go back to moms which whatever more on thursday good idea to name it art music movementmodernise home meeting that no one can ever talk about

modern art ever again because hey guesswhat guys time didn't stop it is no longer 1912was modern and is not harder now so we're stuck with names likepost-modernism actually so are the next 10 to 50 years with the deck postpost-modernism arm yes it is gonna now have to liketrans modernism who even knows wall i'll the roots modernism is this idea i'll the signifiers idistinction which is why i have is simple

up what disney what i am the best way to stop sign looks like ared often on mean stop across most of the world already talking on especially with thewhite outline means stop question is why and that you'regetting signifiers i just anxious the signifier andsignified the two halves that together make a simple this sigma fire is

each or the idea that does thecommunique in this case it's the red-hot is thesignifier cigna by he is the concept in the mont that it calls i'm yeah in computer science charms is apointer and address in your human error silver cineplex fishis about fact that there is no necessaryconnection between us there is no such thomas within a red-hot red doesn't stop it you were exported

every time your parents already offeredon a stock car hopefully every time bad things understanding and they mean stop becauseeverybody agrees them in stock this is the concert the constructivistthe outdoor construction is the idea that everything all all are symbols all our ideas thatbelieve the first well i think im it now modern art me a modern meaning early 20th century does something

dairy specific with that distinction so unless we have examples premodern are on the right mater %uh liberty leading the people just greatand its fall i'll from millionaire signifies cool site yeah quite possible but you flack just seeing the fire forcountry this is

we need not just a little differentrecognized french flag yet the symbol i'll woman holding one arm aloft leading people which is ace a familiarsymbol are she's holding won or lost somethinghealthy other noticeable we know what a day we've got50 s actually using the same simple mom you know we've got title at the bottomits mortgage are you get images %uh people and people you know you know

black child you've got someone who'srichly dressed someone who's not richly dressed gotpiles of bodies where they have these are all signifiersup paint that let you have some idea of what's going on someconsequences up bats because they're familiarsignifiers that connect to signify already knowwhat that alright your par-tay which does not have any familiar scene

this it denying you the familiarsignifies used to construct a meeting no you areon your own i'm not giving you any guess it doescolor has are yes but you look at it uses veryupset recolor all caterpillar together is not specificregions specific colors om so it's very hard to latch onto thecolor sources x your me gonna be your mainsource natchez don't interpret it but certainly notkeeping you clear indicators i'll where there are for example tograyish

lose are you know a convolution astonished now postmodern art something a littledifferent with these guys hired you know the french is %uh this is not hot and is a called sexually dangerous becauseof course this is not a it came to me up more accurately it is heb

fresh projecting an image i'll pipe it has been digitally stored afterhaving been scanned of the pain up what it's doing is saying okay here's a comfortable familiar guiderails by leasing s noticed don't passively accept noticed it up deal way a rough day now that one way of looking at what postmodern art at his loft above thewaist find it lot the best sleep release just can't lookat examples and techniques

one of those techniques is detection is a shriek andactualization where you take something familiar andput it in a new context i'm yeah or you could take familiar elements fromwhat kind of art ever put them in a different kind ofwork i for example crossover thomas you have a character directly interactwith the media was going on lease can safely ignore youhave to just talk to the audience this is all ways i that change

or you can just take the things thatmake the war stories a thin strip away those are all of its all things weregoing to talking about as we go along so first technique governor talked about ismeant to text while measure actuality is a fairly broad term for relating different let's text arm and what i mean by that is for example there's a distinction intheir between die check sound and extract

digest sound would be for example character play next or chairs footsteps leading-edge founders park up the storyextradite checks out stuff like that happens itself that is available to the audience affects the way this story is shiiiiit but is not actually a part store manytextual ay is the opening a blazing saddles alwaysstart out we hit great yup this great like westernkinda music

and then the shock and over a pc orsupplant its crossing between levels i'll the simplest most familiar examplesof corporate in the fourth wall you got the actors on stage got audience and and three balls on stage in the invisible for qualitythat the characters from everything that there's not its step through that break it automatically irrigation that sexualshenanigans but there are other ways to do it shit

really anything that crosses between hedietetic yesterday check between stuff that's wehear the story ends it's not is a former that one of my favoriteexamples first upset monarca when there's asudden our style shaped from normal and they stopped you freakypapercraft and the characters are deeply upset bythis and what you know what is going on because they justseen the art style change which let's face it yourself theworld changed

escape i'm alongside member anything else here yeah okay i'm running without doubts so thought about what sort of a little bitabout d could actually think we are familiar two things belong incertain contexts for example as a general rule you are not going to bond the computerhacker style character in an exit because that's not a character that its yes

this will step on the stairs with exactly that he is a modern-daynerd in a high pitched set %uh cease-fire type and a lot about tomorrow have a lot of fun withputting things into a fantasy setting that not belong in a fantasy setting like yet sup or you know om exit for several times as much fun ashell people want your image white shirts andsunglasses all

what this does is it has a chart on see something that we use inone context means that scene in another surprise surprised that thereis a slow motion because it leads so easily to so many different other emotions surprise can be funsurprise can be scared surprise can force pic or dual what's so when wiese trip for example i'll the

which invisible protection feelsurrounds all national girls prevents them from being holdingmurdered also stepped sure that way and show a mask because hes getting bittenoff that can have an impact on your audienceor strip away from your sheen robotpiloting heroes the magical atpg st field test that protects them from beinghorribly traumatized and that's going to have an effect onyour own yes

yell arm the other seven young and he is does a great job on this or you can justdo what do you think how would be bach is great because it istaking so many things complain about their conduct secular spy thrillers and the law are and and but check chance i'll martial artsmovies and i'll back westerners as sticking themall in she'll it actively i'll room

fairly hard for enemies extensions andso do it takes what is honestly by the late nineteen nineties afeely orix it way because let's face it space opera is pretty played out by checking alsostop other things that's really on excited lusty take on it do newthings with it hey speechless after the original starwars basically what it did was a standard by the numbers wrote cliche

on original st. louis on it said it wasurs yet i and it's that castles yep spacefortress and instead up wisecracking peasants by special arts edit revitalize the entire summer still holdonly out star wars k kicked up art somewhat near collapse now there are two competing definitionsfor their classes relatively recent pointer

wall in which is not what i'm talkingabout is this i dl thats our culture is losing the ability totell stories was shocked and i think thats through and and be objection india's ever having to use andcomes home a potential set for to just created a massive massive project issue analyze the entire up arm

and sell for his next take his you doing which comics all x bomb and he call this concept neared collapse is a new kind ofconflict we're used to casa stories being somevariation on either-or characters have a goal havesomething to prevent them from reaching it or the character somethings threatenedharm there's or someone hang of it rises fromits

internet collapse instead relies on theaudiences from it ability to recognize what kinda storiesbeing told and then retin the story the goal you know in eighty know all conflictquestion is how will they get out at the is how willthey get to their goals prayer to collapse the question is howand they're still be a story now here is a fairly long example there there's ha i ha

now especially very unusual helpeliminate up and a a very unusual simple dinnerclass because the answer to that to thequestion how national history is there is someone gonna i was very different series he's actually resolves it's therecollapse but i'll get into that i get to you talking about this i'll on normally what happens in our class isthe story

either is restored or replaced by a newkind of story and we move on an example %uh relatively small one which i keepgoing back to texas for a book about it is in montana i'll except three is in their classes telling 100% naturalshell and now you can tell that i'll showanymore so graduations are you getting a newhigh school and a of it however doesn't produce

character will be killed or something will be lost i'll some massive change the story anothergood example up in our class those are particularlypost-modern markey's carlisle up to comma brings the whole show isscreeching halt for like three episodes while they workthrough how the heck we can still make anotheryou know 18 episodes of this show killed yes her i will get two for just you

so i finished reading i think are goodand things i think anything but like however my five solate my favorite an a and the fight and i think the best areslightly different lists it is a five and i just additional up yeah i just just just like every day i lull excess tissue and i would love toyou in a while batters untreatable chip held i might unlikely at some point becauseits its much fun i'll text talk aboutdetailed

trying me yes yes and yeah it's a great example aircollapse up yeah so those are all over the placeand it's actually lead basically over the last twenty years beanerclasses become standard format for the season-ending cliffhanger researchers and it's become standardformat like the need serious disaster and i was moreor less such thing

function all so let's move on to whatever's next alright i just briefly but why would you do it yes and you know the most basic reasonis that sharam that disorientation which can be exploited for humor for or are to make people think sometime oneon one of those at once but yeah calling attention to the guiderails hauling people to think about

how stories walk can have some verypowerful effect and some intimate deliberately do it forthat purpose one of the most useful ways you can doit is called attention to you stories that shape their own livessocial construct surrounded the home and shape are allbecause our understanding of the world is built out i'll symbols it build outta yet concepts which ultimately are own creations but we offer cheapreality

as it has three layers there's the layer are the material which you know solid and real aunt does whatit does we studied scientifically and so on andlater affects social reality like nations and money and countries andgender and all that kind of stuff and then justmade up stuff like storms just so much less is this their stuffmade a about calling attention to the way stories are constructed youcan use the same techniques to college attention to the way our lives areconstructed you know

i should stop sign as an example suremoney cheat wize bottom worth more than a one dollarbill cosby space if wheelchair months their consequenceschanging our minds pressler pretty ones in belligerent decide that one dollar billsactually more so here's an example the series that really really wants you to think about thestories that are shaping your life am particular about the concept gender are some other things as well

particular very much this serious wantsyou to think about the way gender is structured inanimate and by extension in life youguys tenor is dairy airy consistent she's a girl efforts if you think youknow how to get insights because what i anyone's ever ready a check forstruggles like tertiary i love those looks are love them as a kid and they have theking at the dragons online because k

is a specific job specific duties queenis the get your job is clearly differentduties and she's the best deal percent you can just service just how we do things alright let us a specific shows now old a problem boss okay actually yeahexactly on so that but that is a specific show this isn'treally in any or suggest alright alright i'll levels so partisan and it is usually the firstthing that

with very good res evangelion has accumulated a lot of hateover the years because it's got a lot of help but should is it doesn't deserve levels literacy this is a guarantee and very complex show a particular iwill do and the last two episodes to my dyingday are real because what is happening inthe last two episodes aired collapse now to collapse is beingimposed from outside

specifically can accept budget yeahthat's of a lesser on busters in black white and themassive final does still shots bomb they really did notdevelop that we have enough money to pay for the finale and tolsey well after a judge however it also there to class corruption withit specifically just hoping exploring what happens toseveral show if your teen robot have heroes don't have invincible site

its it back to suffer emotional trauma that up being a child who is the only tobed the entire earth against freakingcollege raja naked yell pretty messed up cuz my family on a lot i issue yeah nm yeah you cannot have that quality reallyliked have the kind that that would and his kid to go out and get the jobproducts now actually a pretty terrible that wasit you know and so forth like the whole

idea is to take the yes this decade actualization and theresult is building up over time is that eventually are your classes will he can't shinji cannot do any against the series 12-1 take an informal alright how many people hate she missions are really just like him or look down onhim its louts very few i'm curiosity

like your ass up now put your head down and less you watch the series dutch watch itsucks to get plus does keep it up okay here it was adesperate their territory around at the moment atthe reason people haitian he is because in japanese his post by women in theamericans postpone it and yes yes netmask on i don't think that's why so i'm happy tobe

any here one you would now i want and she but the worst we live in his redhair om again i just finished reading i like entire home she has ok lacks and can no longer even getthe robot but how do you keep telling a super robot story would you reducedyour main character trait this

actual story classes around startbreaking the fourth wall we start you know doing weirdpsychological ships the whole thing just falls apart but itdoesn't resolve itself again he finds a way to get back home ihelping shane g realize that his view of the world issomething that was built for him others and he has the power to change that youby changing how he looks at constructing his all way of looking atthings accepting his perspectives is about asanybody else and the result is

we restore the show we can continue allyou keep doing things the price is we never get to actuallyshell any of the rest as it landed in jail doesn't their different direction withthat because us for the pattern is every time there's a new version gillian it that starts out looking like it'sgonna be happier than it seems up arm living of america the that this is my pic yet best i

10 is amazing tennis brilliant anyonehere not seem to highest you don't need to see guess series i am not kidding when i call thisthe best and a at are so so you haven't seen it all reallybriefly summarize 10 a wants to be maybe ten was rescued by prince she wasa little girl she therefore decided she grows up shewants the french chick

and mass protests sheffer the schoolwith this is we're doing a plo and whoever's car champion to link lull get to make fb the other girl do whatever shape what and she's engaged chill everything i just said absolutely completely true and alsoabsolutely i'll know that said said these people may or may not exist there may not be a lot actually done itjust has to start

i on and the one thing it absolutelydenies knowing about that's real ariel is before i did this series it has point those out to you by pointing out that story stocks to do be built thatway there is absolutely no reason physicalobject story has to do real test is in my life as there'sabsolutely no reason that kerr day you know what charactersexperience holloway has to be relearn what thedream just because my life is

because they're all scared all fictionalcharacters anyway and it's really all these equally it up so all digitallyraped so all maybe each person has forgotten to work it disappears or maybe it the other way around maybe evencreate something just to change members it is a brilliant series all if you're a monica any particular i stronglyrecommend watching this because which is on it tells

and holy into the concept of the which and kind of setup this dynamic there's princess and there's the whichand have to be one or the other and basically wanna wash you want to gather what he does i can be either him yes i'm aware. i really really want to watchit has had a chance to watch it really want to because it actually firstshaking their head but

it i killara titles at least two lesbianbears for most people only two things i didn't know about it although i'm need to know to watch it humor not just think director from who of also better on alternate history um tennisstarted development process as a sailor moonmovie %uh

specifically a whole contact liking the to their lesbians our here yeah i'll fast who these characters start her i'll you can actually find if you look at your interviews the areas defined as summary applause gonna be i'll that the help but it was rejectedbecause they decided to make an assessment excitement and it was a bad mint aside are

up yeah writer after they decided tomake this something here this is an original the religiousevening but because the development times themanga start being released before the analyst but the basically its site photoshop just a i'll and bahara develop dna together and side of a roadto make a longer

and bihar one of his own making so the area is my favorite one because it'sgot it but laziness is actually a reallyimportant part even the monarch had to cut it outbecause to and where the moviee is way too liberal for my tastes %uh everything that like everything when you're in that movie is just abelated birthday love something that was a lot more complex some lunch are in particular theheart

yeah that'd i don't want to explain that because somany people had some ten items for a but up car should hear something how do you see it all summer the numberthe more than expected actually this is a shell from early to bouncearen't not yeah 30,000 right around there %uh height up the antenatal mostprobably the only reason cana us i this is definitely the shouldeither before or after that date with inlet

i'll because it's ridiculous every officer opens with the authorexcel saga among up authorizing makes the ana to change shocks and it then does a differentgenre a 8 still manages by the latter have todevelop something resembling a coherent claw i the lay most this is really good let's justtell the last episode is too much

they deliberately decided to go for toomuch every possible direction is slightly too long to air as parasiticextraction by like 30 sets yeah all is is completely political score nudity sexual situations i always it is just deliberately trying to be toomuch every plus plus re/max process so don't loveletters are but this so much great stuff here on making i'll an a&m

in a show on ras there's a set time teenhorror larry s arm in the first episode excel works for this like evilorganization is trying to take over the world she's assigned to kill wanted to peoplewas corrupting the youth jan namely the authorities have some doubtsabout now that it is a show with us or did the guy howard got yes the authorthe mother after kept she stays was cut your riskdestroyed at be reset oh yeah by the way the universe

is a character in this she's she's aupgrade we love the macrocosm um she gets the primary dramatic lockhart have and with aa constructionworker she and her like i here really epic storyline by the way have you everseen yep i have only seen like have up the first episode but yes yes itis i'll definitely one i wanna watch moreof

a sessions every time i just asked haceri yet this we're talking about how you canuse it for horror or you can use to make people think oryou can use it for comedy this is going to halt to using thisstuff for comedy is using is kinda calling your attentionto the kind guideposts and that uses to point outthat they're ridiculous and make you laugh it up um there is an alien invasion in likesecond episode aliens are all super cute

sooo nobody can fight back xxxl shedoesn't care about you slaughtering chrome ore health yes yes it does another great serious all yes card i'll yeah watch or read it or christianthat's awful it's good cron ar shi'ites freddie mercury is does totheir high school

yeah why this regard regatta hustled he calls alright melancholy of haruhi suzumiya a prettyokay and in a based on our really great like novels asreally have to admit light novels the only exception as a actually the broadcast or i'll the firstseason is way wat story but my actual davidexample how old up to stop the series does is all really hard to find nowadays because youhave to find

fansubs up the original broadcast that keep in the next episode previewbecause those where she is and they are not 88 any later broadcastladies the next see what did well the air serious look at the outdoor inwhen they first get foresees the first storyline is brokenup ever since come later shares are stuck in the middle so you have no idea what's going on whathappened next exit reviews is the two main characters shot andharry

what argue about which exit was next ii well as high to remember she on his dick down like down to earth basic i would china japan accepts a preview forthe next exit production or well heresy who's the girl in the middle and to go over the top ridiculous wouldgive the next also has sure that allows she doesn't knowthat of wicked the next exit broadcast or i'll we will see her that this urgently

familiar with yeah it's a huge lake 78years ago sir here yeah yes pretty old latest you know that i l he be naar to asking said yep nah here not really your yeah here after cuz what happens if you watchthe introduction or you get this 6x art moderately interested and you get on 21shots stories

that follow really predictable if youwatch it impolite cast or you have no idea what'sgoing on in those strictly formula episodes if so they just served to heighten themystery that building an ark is going to be a ever gonna spoil basically get here is that heresy for whatever reason threeyears ago get how to reshape the ideal this may be because she's got this may be for some other reason butshe can't

at will completely rewrite the entireuniverse to her lips she had no idea she gets killarney only apparently normal person in thegroup the other three characters are a psychic from a cold washes hair hehas taught and is trying to protect her discovered her powers because they fearthat if she learned she can get additional completely destroy theuniverse a time traveler for the future who is investigating why can't i back tobefore the moment when harris he can't hours and is also trying to preventharry from skunks ass

hours because don't worry that ishsearches and deliver should decide first every daily and who is here toinvestigate the massive surge energy they kept at the moment when harrystopped hours and is also trying to stop her he fromskyjacker hours she did et cetera heyhey meanwhile fix for moral is really boring and wouldlove something interesting happened like finding outthat whatever classmates was a psychic or at times happen right now yeah so she organized ok love to investigateparanormal phenomena

entirely by shares the people sherecruited into x are these characters and i return i mean kid yeah so the it's hot but for real imentioned is hair he started noticing that eventaround her baby resemble a particular genre and they are popular literature endured desperately tried to protect our bookstore and she's reshaping reality tomatch expectations in other words it hair he starts arecognizable story the other characters to prevent

largest completely a teenage my parents a two-parter you have like opposes all but that was the show is harry is trying to turn the universe into anantenna and the other characters are trying to prevent it's really fun the light novels arereally quite good the movie is also excellent howeverstudio which made it really likes trolling the officeslightly to at least

which in the light also single shortstory that's like the ground outside in the series it 8 episode the first set up which areidentical except day they reanimated done and we recorded thelines for all for but they are absolutely identicalall just yes but it isn't it's one of those thingsthat's brilliant in concept but you do not want to actually experience

as a show you live it's finally airingnew episodes all the way there was no announcement aseason shield just randomly started dropping episodes of it inch you a three-month sees what i'll and then 8 weeks %uh ever be like well they can'tpossibly like this time they have to bring down a timeright right i the ap

yeah yeah a gonna wow i'm actually you know that timeactually s that such as princess jasmine up it'sjust you start out as up basically thenutcrackers magical story arm it the most badass and at a balletdancing duck ever yeah it's wonderful it also getsfucked up becomes a girl who becomes a metaphorand is every episode follows the plot

the specific ballet like most music forthat so while also being episode with an ongoing andevolving story if they need track and half way through they realize that they have all bedisplayed by an author who is trying to write a tragedy and if they want to avoid that they'regoing to have to find a way to get and tell a different story really really good stuff highly recommend itthere's also but the fear part over the top and was like this is not my favoritething ever

a few months ago i was reading the comments on a blog that wasfollowing this and it was an episode where up but here %uh dark-haired guy andlower right discover was trying to learn more aboutthis likability authors to reach reality around and yes alive rediscoversit is possible to that page just one out everybody needs ad pages torn out and we see a shot while the box as apager few friends running out so one commenters google

that's right joe pageplus it was the amazon .de description other book the neverending story could which by the way another brilliant spectacularlypost-modern block and while the first place pretty goodthe book is like a million times that area's i read itwhen i was like be and i've been really efforts yeah

i've already given enough examples i'mrunning on time but i wanna start just what you need finish in like threeexits yet all is an absolutely brilliant shell i'll that does all kinds of bizarre things tomake you think about n/an/a enemies constructed and theprotagonists because what it basically is is a standard issue haram visual novel typething that is pointing out to you what acompleat

loser an asshole the main charactereither any of those things necessarily past and by extensionquestions you for playing slash watching has had also does some really neat stuff thejapanese mythology were all the characters are like peas folklore foster's except that none ofthose monsters exist there if they're like intel all made up for the show but the villagesound like me a folklore over these are

boxhead well no that target actually yeah i think theemission dishes mom story which is essentially the samejapanese like appointment obama's is one other words for monster and monica tories won a pulitzer storyso one-story is the usual taxation yeah play anything my situation on here but i just paranoid agent i loveparanoid agent other request but all i got hurt onagent

silicon as near as i can tell he'd it yeah pop culture are and basically every showed that was the presented initially at the billing forthis is it'll a toll bar is 88 that is called into existence i'd dreams are humans the most well-knownexamples our culture our freddy krueger andslender

the idea is this is a story about a monster itself is a store it's not real though because allcharacters around our meal i'm third installment or even get a shot on that stay up tothe minute of it it's also got a great care to class and a as all %uh reality calms disliked cardboard cutout like stakes in dcuniverse studios and a arm really great stuff

i wish i had more time to talk abouteverything's just honest ever done and i'll probably postmodernism holy god hao the gendered yeah talking about fathers is pretty axis forall i have very little time left i don'twant to talk alright i want to talk about somethingelse now i've talked about like digitizationwe could actually is a shed call attention to the guidelines takingthings out of context put in other dares an argument to be made

to you like inherently postmodern artforms are the pastiche and the kalash becausethey both functionality elements from other works and stay inthe air takes any hey i'd like to do that kid we left a elements from one or more anda and thats did go on to somethingcompletely unrelated to string them together into something yep for example instead %uh what we like to call theat&t

another in here a smaller for and by theway this is he possessed you to a fb this is seriously what show here thisget it perfectly cuz its ballet but day ha hall %uh the all accomplished nothing else in this paneli want more people to watch consistent

and is actually ended up being a lot so was it this homer hold harmless one the a&bheart s 2012 laws that was what i mean a lot the all the ha you know i was kidding about the balletdancing duck yeah %ah

alright yeah if you're interested in learning morei've got some lovely book recommendations to take her that's setone there is a great book about money a own affray like we're completely at a time so i icant take questions on i will be around i tonight i will be doing breaking therules shell and there are clips in revolution at8:30 i'm intelligent

tomorrow i'm doing tenant of evangelionaim for the top 10 a.m. until 6 and reading too much into the slayers at9pm and avatar and sunday %uh for change of pace yellow star trek:bogart is next on well yeah head ok and there on sunday at one o'clocki'm doing big i somehow in 20 thank you on your radar yes i



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