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here comes on i got em dude come on let me hook you up come on there it is hook ot up what you got beautiful have a great day you got a dollar i can borrow you got some moneykeep on playing man makes everybody gather round come on let do this thing i need a hot roddude i did good how you do not bad not bad check it out you will that work it will come on lets see if we can build a car for this season of hot rod garage presented by lincoln tech lucky and iare gonna start picking you guys bigger projects and longer episodes thank goodness longermore more more that's gonna give them good times a day the first thing we'regoing to do is build a low buck budget drag car something thats really closeto my heart i built a lot of grimy

cheap fast cars and i know it's somethingyou gotta try to do at home you're probably working on a fixed budgetsavings you can spending along the way so we're gonna do something very similarhere we're gonna keep track of every dollar spent on going to build somethingnasty fast nasty fast being dirty funky grimy sketchy scary speed i'm down with that thefirst thing you want to do is find a car yeah so we're going to get a 69 rss nonot at all at least a standard right now no way c no c lower lower than c f class we're going to find thecheapest thing we can with its as light as possible with four wheels on it idon't to spend any more than like 1500

two grand for this thing if it'sadvertiser 1500 you gonna hit them with like 8 i'll be like i'll give you six bucks that's the cool thingabout craigslist and all the electronics now and social media back in my day itwas jumping your car with your buddies and drive around cool stuff not so muchthought into starting with a hand crank or looking for the cars that aren'tquite so popular something about like cutlass and skylarks instead ofchevelles get an impala or omega instead of nova stuff like that we just want something with fourwheels its kinda straight and we can put a big engines and some horsepower in it anddrag that the industry basically just not nothing thats crunch or crashed something semistraight as got four wheels on it does

look kinda safe not safe alright so you're a start looking alreadybuddy lets do it there is a ton of old stuff look at that boat justsitting waiting for the flood and i think the trailer had sold weredriving around the middle of nowhere california where about two hours east of la in the barren desert because we found a camaro on craigslist now in la cars are bought and sold on craigslistin a matter of minutes so there is a big selection with you right on top of stuffso i found a 79 camaro no engine or transfer $1000 which is a steal got norust which is pretty common out here in the desert

it says its got no rust we'll see hopefully he's got no rust andpink slip in hand and pink slip in hand which i have recently learned that couldmean getting it from another guy or i applied for it a couple weeks but this guy says he'sgot keys title and 79 camaro with no rust that's in somewhat decent shapefor $1000 it sounds like a perfect project candidate for us now have to dois find this thing everybody try to act cool we don't need this they need usthis sort of terrible but not supposed to be pretty cheap at one time the tirefell off not going to matter much no probably not now windshield busted seats are greattires are relatively new i think this is a real z28 at some point

heartbeat of america sticker over hereits got a ten bolt rear in it frame looks straight no rear crash damage and i can see paint job pretty close toready your ac it's a waste to bad it doesn't have a radiator i see and here the body's prettystraight the frame looks like it's never been wrecked there's no real rust on itand it kinda looks like garbage so this is aperfect car for us to get nice and cheap yeah it's going what's up dude you saidyou're going to make a drag product and yeah that's the goal is to make a dragproject but you know things happen times change and it's one of those situationsand say you're leaving town yeah moving out of states so i give you cash this car is gonna

help you get out of here yeah i'll be happy to do that you were asking a thousandbucks do have any wiggle room there a little bit you know you know i take eight hundred bucks for it just to get you outof this town i eight hundreds of deal man i appreciated awesome i am stoked 800 bucks is a great deal for this car and it's going to work with this budget we've got set up for thisproject i cannot wait to dump a bunch of horsepower in this old raggedy machine and make it fly alright so were back in the hot rod garage with our 79camaro we drag this thing out of a very beautiful desert community it was lovelywe stole this thing 800 bucks for this car and two hundredfor another fresh windshield we put in this

morning what we gonna do next startscattering stuff yeah we're gonna tear out a bunch of stuff extraneous weight since i magninremanence inner fender something that we don't need and i started jamminghorsepower inside this car is nasty home of millions of spiders last 10 years clean out your comb once in awhile day two with our low buck camaro we've got itpretty clean out so lucky is here with our swap engine and when i can see itlooks really complete shows an lm7 iron block ls based truck engine to5.3 liter we got i'm really full swap for eleven hundred and eighty buckswhich is the steal let's go this thing

i'm liking this already there is acomplete enough for air hoses manifolds everything looks great so we called up alocal dismantle error and and bought this out of a running crash truck that'sa great way to do it cuz you can ask for is complete the swabs you can you buylike a block on craigslist along loc here and kill yourself nickel and dimedby and injectors and coil packs and all sorts of stuff it adds up very fast so foreleven hundred and eighty bucks we got a full harness computer starter powersteering all accessories fan i throttle we can use try to buy theaftermarket wire harness kit there for five hundred bucks but in reality you canthin this out

yeah no we're going to use this forsure while lucky finishes tearing off the rest of the engines stuff that we don't need likethe a/c compressor a couple of brackets and when to pull the wiring offso we can strip the harness down to the essentials off the car i'm going to start putting inthese hooker amounts again we are going budget budget budget so these are thecheapest things we can get their hundred and sixteen bucks and we're gonna use themounts that are on the cross member in the camaro themselves and these are justmounts that we'll bolt on the engine and all of those things those things are made ofpudding yeah yeah i got a trick alright so here it is the engine for ourlow buck camaro is an lm7 5.3 liter

out of a 2002 chevy avalanche lsbased engine ls engines are awesome they were produced from 1997 until now insizes from 4.8 liters to 7 liters making between about 270 to 650horsepower we actually went a little bit further to find a less desirable cheaperengine so we picked an iron block 5.3 liter that bring the price down evenmore in stock form this thing makes about 285 horsepower 325 foot-pounds oftorque and what's nice about the earlier engine 2002 model is that this thinghas mechanical throttle body and a conventional fuel system with a returnline and regulator can make it really easy to swap in a car so as soon as thetransmission shows up we're gonna slap

it on lucky and i will throw thisthing in mounts fit hopefully we not do too much modifications can start on all thesystems wiring fuel you know all that sort of stuff get this thing running asquickly as we can so before we can get this engine kind ofmocked up into place we're going to replace these engine mounts these areabsolutely annihilated i want to show you this cool trick on how to makepolyurethane upgraded mounts at home by using our stock mounts but our stockones are absolutely trashed and falling apart so we went out and we bought two new mounts about $9.99 apiece we are budget-minded any two-month 3m

window weld that's about seventeen bucksonline 3m window weld is a quick-drying polyurethane that basicallyallows you to fill all the voids in your stock mount and make them a really stiffpolyurethane mount for about half the price now i'm good obviously stiffermotor mounts an upgrade when you start increasing power increased load startsthings around you just don't stop movin too far in a stock engine mount has aton of playing it so we're gonna try to get that all out of there we bought our lm 7 swap we had theopportunity to buy the 4l60e transmission with it for another $750that's a good transmission but you need

to stand alone controller to control itnow costs about another $600 and that's just too much for our low budget so whatwe did is we scoured craigslist and found this steve sharp with the local builderworked over transmission and we got the guy down about 750 bucks he paid wellover a thousand for it had it for some project it never happened and we're ableto score that way unfortunately is just a transit no torque converter in thereyet but gonna find brackets and it dip stick to but this is a good deal and itsgonna save us a lot of money in the long run it's actually smaller so it will fit well too how long can you hold that does it get lighter wait don't scratch the paint yeah that's on camera

we got the motor mount transmissionmocked up with the motor mounts actually install we did little roundcan magically anything now we're set up with the transmission crossmember kindof where it needs to be we're gonna punch some holes in the frame bolt in thecrossmember when that's also make sure everything is nice and straight measurefor the transmission crossmember stick some more stuff on this motor make somenoise ok to use a new and the old valvetransmission that turbo 400 what we're using you got to get an adapterand different flex played crank snout adapter to make them work together solucky's pulling the turbo 400 out he's

yank the old flex plate out gonna bolt this stuff in andthen we needed to find a torque converter that work and i went on craigslist and i waslooking for a deal because obviously dirty cheap speed is over going for whatwhat i found was called a b&m holeshot 2400 and i got it for 100 bucks and i'm looking at it and it feelspretty questionable there's some risk involved i'm not a hundred percent surethere's even an upgraded converter but it's going to fit in the car on thetrack so its a mystery see what happens we actually put the flex plate back offline up the holes with the torque converter saw which ones actually will workand marked them with some paint pens so i think of spin around and checking there's a ton of holes in theflex plate for different converters and we

don't wanna be spending at times tryingto spin the engine over and figure out what's what according to the instructions your going to do three passes torquing at the 14 and 37 pounds andthen finally 74 foot-pounds the final torque so work to do that now i just got done hooking up the shift linkage in the camaro we're still undeterminedwhether or not this was a six cylinder or v8 but the one cool thing that tonypointed out to me that i was wondering if it was accurate or not was shifter was a rocket shifter if youmove the shifter too low move it to the right start ratchetingand a locks out of neutral so you can

accidentally miss issue that is bringingcool what i did underneath here so that we can use that with the turbo 400 witha used to stock linkage i just cut the year up from it looked just like this took that here well get on down hereit's locked into just about putting the dell right here this should becompletely adjustable and fully functional as we've got tyler from drmines incorporated a local drive line shop these you just about every customdriveshaft we do one thing we love it that they actually come out to themeasuring and then we'll deliver the drive shaft so i was explaining thepoint of the camaro is fully lololo buck

save every penny we can we saved theoriginal drive shaft from the camaro which was set up for a th350 turbo 350 trans so i'm hoping we can just put it 400 yoke on the front and either lengthen or shortenthis thing to fit you think this will take some horsepower yeah i meannormally when build something a little bigger but the budget build it should begood good morning another beautiful day insunny southern california the update on the bone marrow as it's been dubbed bythe internet is the motors and transmissions in it

couple adjustments here and there wellthe little cuddle little growing a little today's wiring day good times onwiring day this is all it took to make it run before that's literally six wirescouple sensor workers are missing nothing serious we don't need thatthat's all history now all we have to do a wire this up can't really be that complicated can itcan we're gonna end up doing is today going to hardwire the whole thing justmake it kind of work kind of run don't really care for pics of pantyhose don'treally care four runs great was gonna make some noise thin it all-out make itmore aerodynamic and super light and

make some fire because of all thesecurity stuff that is built in an easy to ecu's unlocked for the work on a swap cardwithout an immobilized and stuff like that so we found it on craigslist 780bucks unlock this ecu later on the revenue split into non it to findsomeone in your area to if you haven't sent out ok cool right i'll just driving aroundnow i got a little cooler than we did was we bought a 2002 camaro radiator theoverall height and length arm super similar to what was in the carregionally but it's got and the arab

league port for ellis motor so i thinkit's going to be perfect we paid about $100 for the toll it up some aluminum got some scramblingaround the shop here gonna build an upper radiator support bracket and justbeen the edges couple holes and is it to the thing and all the radiator and i cannow aluminum butchered my resume right now but in some of the wiring onthe electoral system of the bone marrow you can tell a lot of its a message on awire up the electric fan i'm gonna use a relay to do it because i want to use thetrigger from the ecm which is a ground trigger to turn the fan on as opposed torun hot wire through the firewall to a

switch on the dashboard for moreinformation on what you can do with this relay and believe me there's a honesti've you can do with the relay is talking with your lincoln tech too manyautomotive products involved hi karen electrical accessories relays must beused to deliver high current in these components need things are you reallyare electric fans like fuel pump electric power steering pump andheadlight things like that let's start with a basic really and how it works ireally is basically a small electromagnetic to me to switch once itis energized really can handle a much higher lower than a regular toggleswitch and when used properly they're

able to deliver the high current neededfor many of today's powerful electrical accessories and components using therelay diagram you can see that you run a fuse wire from your fuse block to atoggle switch on the dash who are coming from the switcheroo go to number 86 inthe relay heavier gauge at least 12 gauge wire with the fuse would come offthe battering go to post them 3085 when you sent you a good ground and numbereighty seventy output will go to your high amperage accessory or like lincoln tech and teach you how to have acareer working with cars say lincoln tech dot edu

so when we look at high and low forelectric fan for the census is a budget build we were looking online we werelooking at a local auto parts stores i won't name them and it seemed like allthe fans were well over $100 and then they wouldn't come complete tony saysthere's a dormant ran out there that comes off of thunderbird thinking 95 to97 something like that i think the part number was 6:20 118 and the way i knowthat is not because i'm david freiburger but because i wrote on a piece of paperright here on this side of the frame about 75 bucks and they come with thefan shroud you can see right here to two-speed fan i can make a goal oh hi ican do anything i want to move it was

like three thousand cfm superficialworks great next up for the fuel system on thisthing for carbureted to fuel injection find a nice big good way to save money is to buy one ofthese this is a bosch fuel pump it's a stock holder 911 911 call the ciscontinuous injection system and a fuel pressure on that day runs over 100 psinow when you bring this down to 40 50 psi like we're running the ball you gothrough this report about 600 horsepower and that's more than i make now but ifyou want to make eventually i scored a 100 bucks number is 805 8025 404 444 todo is get the fuel tanks

injection was also cracked garbage wetook it to a local radiator shop online for your dash texts on fb and then cleanthe whole thing out about a hundred and forty books now all you can do isconnect everything for this party going to do it voltage a gas and you can't deny this islike the dirt bag cream caramel time this is in everybody's backyard fallingapart but together and i love this thing ya gonna do everything drift probably drag burnout is perfectand i got a call earlier this morning from the driveshaft guys they told methat they didn't really recommend that

stock driveshaft anything more than 300horsepower and since this thing just might get some serious horsepower in thevery near future i decided this spring for three and trash total price 450bucks one of the most expensive thing we paid for but good forever so we did itstart yet the battle is going to start your homework you see the fire with fire their stuffleaking gas gasoline noticed the fuel pressure through a hose fuel leaks fixedwe build up the cooling system lucky is goofing around and fell off theexhaust we threw in a cheap intake and achieve universal throttle cable andwe're just about to try to start this

thing you can do this a serious car to the neighbors in thearea we should apologize you didn't like the whole exhausted and we've got plansplans for this thing next episode i love this car feels great and by great i meansuper sketchy and out of control but he seems to run well and this car rules wewill therefore not didn't smoke doesn't leak stopped and went yeah turnsanything so go for trying out a new segment here athigher grounds for many little q&a session i put some questions out on ouroverall shows facebook and punching great questions back to run through someof now

fernando more a says will be ebc mustangever before said i can't answer that question yes yes we will be right now was first nine months ago when one ofthe guys in our office that we share with bought it and we tried every day sosorry about that so then gone says there are many have you ever been convicted ofa felony now i'm convicted never never know andreas heard he's from germany english is not the best but i hope youcan help me i build a hot rod for my delayed till 9 1929 the engines from acorvette c4 1985 also the gear big-tent

she's so what do not get rebuilttransmission actions mean i don't know this could beeight anyway my man is looking for wheels of some kind of laid out ingermany he says he can't find them in half by 16th best ever and germany justoutside of frankfurt there's a company called testament gentleman's name is lindseythey work on import cars and import in germany would be a camaro mustang cobraand give him a call ago that's handled the boy has someinformation i thought i never get to use a beautiful radiator says anywhere i geta parts list for role smoky would be

much appreciated my grandfather battledcancer for four years and save my life deadly addiction and i want to restoreand upgrade his truck in the memory of my best friend he's got a nice lookingfirst gen ram here mid-eighties so yeah listen brady i will make sure that you get afull parts list and we will put on facebook and/or send your message job that's really cool product lookslike your truck only nice totally alright good match fit for the firstepisode of the bone marrow bare-bones camara project we bought and built thiscar in three days for the low low price

of forty nine hundred and 42 dollarsthat's pretty awesome seriously insane so next time guess what we're gonna keepgoing with this theme but more power and less money to stay tuned no something we don't often hearsomething about anyway don't count on social media instagram and facebookor hotrod garage show i'm tangelo96 he's mobile tech lucky we will see you guysnext time


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