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%uh yeah %uh from nashville tennessean broadcastingaround the world ladies and gentlemen you havenow crossed over to the far side today is the first showback since my dad made the transition from is physical body to hear spiritual bodyohmae the twelfth before you begin the show i do want topersonally think each and every one of you who havereached out to me over this past month

three male and even over our facebookpage your words were inspirational and they shined a light on what thisshow has done in your life producing and hosting theshow has been it's been an absolute joya mine and i'm honored to know that many of youare just as touched by this program as i am by doing it and it's all becauseof you thank you from the bottom of my heart because ifit were not for you there wouldn't be a far side thank you

today show is hitting close to home veryclose in fact have you ever encounter communicationfrom a deceased loved one perhaps you thought you had but you justweren't ever one hundred percent sure where doesthis evening is mark anthony the psychic lawyer mark is apracticing medium who not only communicate with spirits he is also a sucessful attorney licensed to practice law in florida washington dc and before the united states supremecourt

marks new book is titled evidence ofeternity any bridges the gap between thespiritual and the scientific and if you're interested in readingmarks book you can go to marks on website evidence of eternity dot com or to my website the pharcyde dot gb youslash eternity and without further ado mark who welcome to the far side thank you bob i'm i really enjoy beingon your show it's a great honor to have

you here with us now mark you are known as the psychiclawyer would you mind if i ask what up a blogyou practice not at all i when i got out of lawschool i started cracks in law as a prosecutingattorney so work for the state you knowprosecuting people who are accused of crimes to handle everything frommisdemeanors up to murder cases and then i transition to privatepractice as a criminal defense attorney represented people for all types ofcrime sup also practice law

as a personal injury trial attorney soi've spent a lot of my time in court tried hundreds a jury trialsand i've dealt with all types of people from from cycle paths up two prominentmembers of society to you very wealthy people to peopledidn't have two nickels to rub together and folks from all different a alldifferent backgrounds hmm do you think that there were evercome a time when someone such as yourself will be allowed to speak for adeceased victim in a criminal trial there's something i've always wondered

it's a great question and it's it's afascinating thought but according to the rules ofevidence that would violate the hearsay up the hearsay rule in other words hearsay is anout-of-court statement offered prove the truth of the matter assertedand the way to get around here say is canthat statement be cross-examined so if you tell me you say mark i'm gonnatell you about this bank robbery i was involved i and and you give me some details

well i can't necessarily testify about that if it can't becross-examined now under some stir circumstances were were people in that may be admittedcommitting a crime %uh it could be because because there areexceptions to the hearsay rule but long story short because a statement cannot becross-examined especially one coming from a spiritual entity i would never permit it to be admittedin a court of law

in ongoing they're also evident so isgetting in the way of a lot of things and for good reason because we don't want people same well arm i think he said this and i think hesaid that and there's no way to verify the truth up the the out-of-court statement and that'sthe whole purpose a cross-examination is it somebody says something and thenthe opposing attorney gets to cross-examine to attack that person's credibility

or the truth and brassy at the statementand if it's true and if they they testify properly then it's going to survived that attack and therefore it'sconsider a reliable statement mp said evidence asopposed to others rumors about sally you know that she steals things coursei've ever seen her do that but i heard from the community isometric right there you're throwing inrumors and gossip and all types of things that areunsubstantiated and so that's why psychic intuition they cannot be used

in court however it is usefulbehind-the-scenes when psychics & mediums can give thepolice information to put them on the trail i love up some evidence or above suspect and so the psychic intuition can helppoint the police in the right direction where where there they will be able to collect evidence which then will beadmissible in a court of law in have you ever had occasion were maybewas a trial you were

involved with where the murder victim came to you intold you that this person murdered me this is the weapon to use this is whereyou can find it i have not had that particular incidentbut i have then in court where spirits have comethrough in my first book never letting go i ii ii tell story about when i was trying acase and it was before evidence said actuallybeen introduced it was during the jury

selection for the trial and jury selection is where first theprosecution gets to ask the prospective jurors questions and then the defensethat would be me gets to ask the prospective jurorsquestions because you want to make sure you get afair and balanced jury and if there is one sure i always irefer to her in the book is juror number nine and i'll never forget her really sweet lady and all the sudden istarted feeling a female spirit around her now my client the 1i wasrepresenting was charged with battery

you sir you know big burly kinda guy and he gota fist fight with another crisis mutual combat but also a crime of violence so juror number nine i mean this spiritis is really really trying to get myattention and i'm feeling this tightening sensation around my throatwhich indicated to me that must mean something going on with her breathingprior to passing so ii actor my intuition i said to jurornumber nine have you or has anyone in your familybeen the victim of a violent crime

in stop she started trembling tears started rolling down her eyes andshe looked up at me and she said a year ago my sister was in a foreigncountry one escaped mental patient strangled her and dismembered her bodyand threw it in the garbage like she was trash in this poor woman sir crying myclients looking at me like to what killing and everybody in thecourtrooms look at me and i'm thinkin gathered in teaching law school how tohandle the situation and to literally i had a foot in bothwaltz won here representing a client at absolute obligation to give a ourselveslegal defense

any and a foot in another world theother side where the spirit of this one sister was coming through and people want to find out what happensto gonna have to read my first book never letting go well butts amazing being both a psychicin a lawyer has it ever present a complex for you iknow what you just mentioned here but has it ever really complicated with each other i i haven'tseen it to do that i've seen it to be an advantage it'spart of my skill set

i've hacked a lot of ridicule from judges in some other charla de la thealotta attorneys actually come to me for readings and including some burnout judges and there was thisone judge and it's funny cuz he was on the news alot earlier this year and last year for rum he started anargument with an attorney got off the bench and beat the guy up okay so i made national news though it'snot it's not that the sharpest tack in the judicial box

and he also is a fundamentalistchristian which i have absolutely no problem with okay i'm and but he uses his courtroom on thursdays to conduct fundamentalistprayer meetings which is a violation over for spanishseparation of church and state and he's done this during during business hours using acourtroom that's not supposed to happen so it had hit the news that i was apsychic medium in and i'm i'm i walk into is

his courtroom and we had a big meetingand he makes fun of me he goes well i guess we don't need a probate divisionanymore because he can talk to the dead sarraj laughingat me and you know you know bob and put up apolice my whole life and i don't care if it's some the kid atthe bus stop when i was a child or the guy wearing the robe mom sit onthe bench who thinks he's better than everybody because he has has the job of being a judge i don't putup with police and so i said your honor i like yourchrist

but i do not like you christians becauseyou act so unlike your christ he said how dare you say that nestleactually gandhi said that gandhi said that a group of britishchannels one time and he said okay fine that at some pointwell taken let's just get outta work in you spoke about that you've beendealing with bullies all your life for a long time really in reading through your book you wereactually born i believe born psychic right yes yes and at about age 4 is when myability began to surface

when i started having invisible friends then what was really good about mychildhood is that both my parents had psychic andmedium istook ability so they understood what was going on in fact they could see cts spirits as well and they didn'ttreat me like i was insane or that that something was evil or wrongthey just told me mark you can talk to us about it justdon't talk about it outside the house because people do not understand that is so true they don't they will belittle you sometimes they lock you up

because they think you're crazy at least that used to be the case therethey do they do i mean um and i i explain knowwhat happened or family member i don't wanna given a spoiler alerts in evidence a paternity i had a familymember arm who was was horribly persecuted for her abilities and she had such such abeautiful gift i love bomb for shoes able to see thefuture she was able to perceive spirits and the way she was was treated was justhorrific

we've been persecuted for centuries infact in and i don't want to get political but inthe middle east most muslim countries i have very strict laws against psychics& mediums in fact the last year alone in saudi arabia i 130 at least a hundredthirty-one people were p headed in saudi arabia in 2014 and athird of them for the crime of sorcery i'll that couldmean psychic or medium instability could also mean maybe somebody was using herbs in a in away that the government there didn't want them tobe using herbs to help poor people

so we're still dealing with a lot ofbackward primitive superstitious views on spirit communication that's oneof the reasons that i wrote evidence a paternity is to remove the fear insuperstition ceramic spirit communication and bringit into the internet age into the 21st century in scientificterms you you think at least i would thinkthat if you're a psychic or medium and you're going to be be headed in themiddle east you know about it beforehand any wouldleave that would assume is that we're all knowing all seeing and that we canread for ourselves

and every psychic i know indicates thatwe can't read for ourselves you can read your own vibration your own energy so i can do readings on other people and ofcourse spirits have loved ones that that i'velost will come to me a if fairly often and i receive messagesfrom them but it would be really nice sedatepoppin with the powerball numbers some touching i accept that i haven'tasked but a they tell me that what's not to beused for that also because people i mean i see itgoofy people that write

ridiculous things on on facebook andsocial media what you're such a psychic why don't you win the lottery well from a spirits perspective our a material world obsession withmoney and wealth just laughable because it doesn't have any meaning on the other sidebecause it's a completely different dimension so whether or not we have financialprosperity or win the lottery is not really a concern to an infinitebeing

arm who is viewing it finally being likeyou and me have a limited material world life spanthat oh my gosh if i win the lottery i'll be happy i've known people that i won a lotteryand i can tell you this it did not make them happy in fact us100 men chain aims it actually made their lives worse on their their obsession withmaterialism and then elected drug addiction alcoholism and thateverybody around them trying to get a hand out all the time it actuallyincreased their unhappiness

yes if that it certainly will happen isactually begins with in if you're not happy withyourself then there's something you not work through that you need to workthrough money's not gonna bring it to you you're absolutely right about that iwhen you look at you know what jesus taught what buddhataught what with the hindus teach is that this casastate up to sire it leads to this yearning in this this iwant this i want this

if i get this house all be happy if iget this job i'll be happy if i get this car i'll be happy if i get this personalfall in love with me all be happy no what you just said isabsolutely correct know these things will not make youhappy happiness comes from within if you're happy with yourself then theseother things were kinda basing on the cake on the other hand i i like a grouchomarx to one study said money will make youhappy but then again happy won't make you money

in i like another thing that he said isthe what was it last night i shot anelephant in my pajamas how he got in my pajamas oh never know for i construing i have and then there's another saying thatmoney doesn't buy happiness but it does make misery easier to indoor so you know so there's there's balancewith everything but when one materialism and money isyour sole objective and i know a lot of attorneys that are very wealthy and

they have that i'll catch into for 50bucks typeof mentality they may have amassed a lot of material objects but let me tell youthere some other most miserable people i've ever met i mean this is so muchanger anger anger anger anger leads coming out of her mouth on thisobsession with money all the time arm i think you know you feel better when you help somebody and you see someother pain come out of their eyes in and and thatyou know are and on the other hand and thenpeople rose saying oh well you should

issue a different guy ditches jack forfree secure but this is what i do and i'm notsaying francis i don't sleep under a bridge and i do have a staff i have to pay andi do you have a mortgage in gasoline and so until you know for my car in expensesso until mike my more adam the company that holds themortgage on my house decides that oh well you know having ahouse is different titles give it to you for free in once exxon starts handing out free gasin crap starts handing out free food and

we all join hands and sing kumbaya yaand nobody has to pay for anything well that's fine but there is an elementof practicality to everything that we do and and it would be very nice just allaround and do what i do for free but that isn't going to keep my family witha roof over their heads for food on the table so true who we've talkedabout that money won't bring you happiness some the happiest people have ever seentheir poor they have maybe a hundred dollars totheir name but they are the happiest people have ever

matt a day in my life well because theythey they get it they they get that what makes you happyis love and the loving relationships in yourlife i mean the hindus believe that when you look inthe eyes somebody who loves you and you love that person it's real love you catching a glimpse of god inchristianity teaches us that god is love and those who do not know love cannotknow god so that's what makes people happy asbeing a lot

i know somebody who extremely wealthy and she lives by herself in a 70,000square foot house i mean 70 000 square foot house and isn't constantly in treatment fordepression will yeah it's like living in something it'sa palace but sizeof maybe a walmart supercenter a live there by yourself how could youpossibly not be depressed i mean talk about down magnifying yoursense of loneliness whereas i know people that live in newyork city in a six hundred square foot

apartment and they have lots of friends are alwaysdoing things in and you know they're just just as happy ascan be so so happy this is is not contingentupon the acquisition material wealth it is feeling good about one solves self giving love and receiving love in returnand it's also not state that we exist in i a happy life is not looking back at thisone huge

i know bucket of happiness it's ratherlook at life is a tapestry are many threads to weave together andeach thread is an experience of your life and happiness is when there are morepositive threads the negative ones and so we haveto look back at our lifetime minister polity and also when you go around thinking negativethoughts and being angry and holding onto resentments all you're doing is puttingnegative threats

into that tapestry mmm-hmm there's onething i've always believed in for years i was brought up as a southernbaptist so this my surprise you being that i'm asouthern baptist er that's the way i was raised but i have always believed that every actionthat we do not take in another dime mention all-statesomething is created it could be these three a jerk talkingabout where we do take those actions a multiple die mention all-state if youwill in that somehow all these multiplecopies of ourselves

their combined but the spirit has broken off piece by piece by piece but it makes up the overall spirit ifthat makes any sense it's an interesting thought and inbasically what you're saying is very similar tosomething that i write about and evidence or attorney in that for every action there is an equal andopposite reaction and it may not necessarily the reactionmay not be in this dimension that could be

in another dimension on on the otherside i and that's why you have to keep youractions positive i the way i look at it pop if you takeevery belief system from hinduism five thousand years agoall the way up to spiritualism and and even the some other some otherteachings are the weekends and this includes christianity and buddhism andislam take away all the dogma take away all burma the logical nonsense it comesdown to this: be nice be nice to other people in

treat other people to respect treatpeople the way you want to be treated and and come from a position and up a beloved and when you do that that's when your thoughts are positiveand your thoughts leecher words your words leecher actions and that's when you get you get a positive outcome but let metell you something that a lot harder than it sounds treating people the wayyou want to be treated because we have all sorts of impulsesand desires and distractions

that get in the way of that it be reallynice to have a work with does our show yesterday andwhen the the other guests on the show said yeah i mean i seven to my %ahmoment but i don't really see that happening and to some extent he had hell you knowhe made a lot of sense because we don't exist in this to my %ahstay for all holding hands saying is that nice that we're all brothers andsisters up one god we r and we get that on theother side we understand that there but in this world

people are very much into us versus a ohwere white or black or brown or their muslim i were christian were better andthere were not and so on and so forth and we spent so many times so much timefocusing on our differences and what makes us different as opposed to focusing on aresimilarities and what makes us all summer in in yourbook evidence over eternity you speak of something called spiritualsituational awareness what is that situational awareness is a very usefulskill

i am all love my friends that have beenin the military everyone i've known in law enforcementtalks about situational awareness you block into a setting on and you need to pay attention like 10 or15 things a one-time you looking around so you're aware of what's going onaround you at all times a military personnel that do not have a highly developed sense a situationalawareness end up dead pretty quick cops police will tell you the same thingi learned in the courtroom the value of situational awarenesspaying attention with the witnesses

saying what the judge is doing whatopposing counsel's doing how the jury's reacting i'm you knoweven have a bailar this is reacting to what's going onbecause all these things can can help you make your next move now let's take that into being aware notjust if your surroundings but what's happening around you in thespiritual sense people continually asking are theirspirits around me well yes there's always spirits aroundus and spiritual situational awareness issensitivity to

to the spirits around us to being open to receiving messages fromthem and having the wisdom to accept theirguidance mmm yes now with your latest book evidence for eternity it introduces newterms and concepts about spirit communication that's based onscience and evidence could you give us some examples of those one other terms that i introduce isinterdimensional communication a lot of people call what i domediumship

articles on a medium in the resortcalled mediums is because we're like radios are telephones are televisions where the the device if you will themedium but the information comes true so fun doing a reading for you bob spiritstalking to me that information is coming through me to you for your benefit eric on the medium mediumship is term that was was highly developed indy victorian era and so much for understanding a spearcommunications

was coined during the is that that timeframe because that's when spiritualism belief in and a fascination in a study %uh spirits and spirit communicationarose but what we're really chilling is work communicating with another dimensionentirely and in the past century we've had stringtheorists in the realm a theoretical physics who theorize that there is not just theuniverse but there's multi persist there's many dimensions

if people like albert einstein in findmen and stephen hawking talk about these things and so let's let's make it easy let's say weexist to you when i exist in am radio that's our frequency that's ourdimension we have a a lower amplitude or frequency may be lower and slower and could and the other side the spiritrealm is fm radio higher frequency now theyboth use energy they both use our frequency andwavelength to communicate and for the most part

there are two separate realms althoughthey can occupy the same space and occasionally they overlap in other words i wanna spear communicates with me herewith with anybody the other world to mention the otherside to mention is overlapping in other words it'sinterdimensional communication and thats sup you know explaining that concept ina nutshell where is the spiritual realm is it herewith those it appears to exist up simultaneously with us i'm once again intheoretical physics

it is believed that there is no timethat everything that has happened is happening and will happen lease fromour perspective is going on energetically at the same time it's hardfor you night understand that because with our brain which is a finite device which is designed to to i am have limitations and everything that weknow love has a you know star beginning amiddle and an end our lives have a beginning a middle andan end or so we thank so so when we have that type oflimitation

it's a very difficult for us tounderstand that that the other side doesn't and so that that is some of what i'mtrying to explain in evidence attorney is the lack of time for the spiritsalmost as if if we created a warp engine worry go tentimes the speed of light that time almost an still for us but for those left behind time flies by is that almost what it's like it wouldappear it would appear that that's what it's like to know that that's

right now the einstein com um theory theory book about how time you know time is all relative youknow what's one year for us for somebody to you know could go warpspeed maybe just a few minutes for them and so that's why on spirits come true and they'recommunicating affected a reading today and no woman said is my husband miss me and denied that didn't wanna say it buti i have to communicate what he says is now

and that he doesn't mister because hecan be around her all the time plus in his reckoning even if she livesanother 30 or 40 years in his reckoning hill she'll be alongalmost instantaneously so we get all caught up in time whereas state don't hmm because time is a mancreated mir it is it is and but it makes sense in when we can't fallsmall for species for doing that because we're born we grow old and then we physically dieand everything we know has limitations

we also tend to think bob but i moves ina linear fashion way we read going from left to right andso if you ask a students called for the time line onthe blackboard i'm chill go up and then draw but on theboard and draw a line going from left to rightand so it's kinda programs in to us that time is a one-waydirectional saying as one factor whereas when you look at with the theoreticalphysicist are telling us that time harris no direction least notin the way that that were aware of it

and that's why spirits can look at itpast present and future events and that's how people do psychic readings they're not they're they're tuning intothe energy up that up that energy which enables themto discern things from what we consider to be the past or from what we consider will be the futurehmm mark can you tell us what it's like onthe other side with when we make the transition from our physical being too that have apurely spiritual self

are we as a whole consumed into acollective consciousness or are we able to help free will that'sa great question let me take it step by step up what isit like when we transition i bob i know you've done this becausethis is something all boys do a lotta girls don't do this but some ofthem do your it was all square rectangular9-volt batteries and stick my tongue earlier 60 k you know doctora i have had so many spirits tell me that that's whatit feels like 20 separate from from the physical body when a spearseparates from the body

it's just tingling sensation and the waythey date bates let me experience it's like stick in a nine volt battery under tongue so there's a singlysensation and a separate for your body and there'simmediately this relief and euphoria and that they cannotdescribe leaving your body like an old smelly too tight sweatshirt on that's botheredyet it is easy take it off it's like are sothere's this immediate relief particularly people who suffer from

illnesses or debilitating conditionsthen their is this poll towards the light now the near-death experience people andand my books penn endorsed by the top near-deathexperience researchers in the world and they they've indicated that myobservations coincide with forty years survival ofconsciousness and near death experience studiesthere's the proverbial tunnel and then you go into the light and you will be greeted by severalpeople

that you know and it's reallyfascinating because this comes up in a reading sometimes the people who greeted a loved one onehere she goes into the light know what happens after that is beyond those people the lightintensifies and this is what people had told me you're touching the face ofgod your your your actually on connecting with god now withthe near-death experience people they make it to seeing

be loved ones on the other side and theymay take the next step to the white light and then they get called back in thereadings that i do my people didn't come back they'vecontinued on and what's fascinating if you go around theworld a with near-death experience researchwhich has been conducted in several countries christians tend to see jesus hindustanto see vishnu she ever indeed eighties goodness will see buddhajapanese centers will see shattered

eighties and so on and so forth the way spear said explained it to me is you're going from a finite to aninfinite consciousness in other words living in the material world as you andi are everything we know has limitationsso our brain processes thanks on the basis of alimited understanding and when we separate from ourconsciousness there's a transitional period for we leave the body go through thetunnel encountered a lot once to the

life review and then go in to the white light where you're encountering the spiritualenergy of god and once you continue into that phase finite limitedunderstanding up the world fades away any reefer to your immortal living spirit now to address the next party question isthe collective consciousness yes and as i described in evidence apaternity

thank you for your soul your spirit yourpersonality all in trying to in in your soul your consciousness as a drop of water which is now plunginginto this fast fast infinite ocean so now yourpart that fastest your partner that infinityget you maintain your individuality and you can disconnect from that when you need to when you want to sothat's why the chapter entitled the collectiveconsciousness

disconnect which is in evidenceattorneys that's why i i name that chapter that because i wasexplaining how this process works so when you're onthe other side you never alone your interconnect withpeople and you can be as busy or surrounded as people's you want or youcan have some peace and quiet yourself forwhatever reason you would need in and trying tounderstand it be on that level very difficult if not impossible i'veasked them why can't i understand this other responses bent because that sincesanity

and you can't your brain is not designedto understand that and they're basically saying don't worry you understand it when you get here andit's absolutely wonderful is this almost like a matrix type love around well that's an interesting way ofputting it i have to say a qualified yes on thatone in because i'm i'm trying to figure outmost recently homemade the 12th i lost my father i've always believed in spirit i've seenthings ever since i was a child

i'm trying to imagine if we held a body in the spirit round or were all no hooked up to spiritualmachines or whatever and we just create a body for ourselves and then wego off on a ventures what do you think i think that therethere is is some truth to that i think that statesalso very difficult for us to comprehend what they're doing because did the question is do they havea body and how some psychics & mediums a they've bought into this and

spot love as above so below and i don't i don't agree with that i'm what happensand and many readings a spirit will come through and still give me an idyllic settingsomething that they like in fact wanna reading a member %uh this woman's father camethrough and her mother came through in the mother kept showing me what looklike villa in the napa wine country atnorthern california their father was ride a horse what lookslike in montana

and in the client's account my dad loveto go horse riding in montana for him that was the best place in theworld to my mom love napa valley now was your mom hanging out valley imean a napa valley vella was her dad really ride the horse inmontana no but what they'd do is they percent andproject a point of reference that you and i can relate to andunderstand to give us i'm and idea i'll how happy they are or or the type in other words thatthey're experiencing joy because spears for pure energy pureconsciousness

you and i you know in this finite statecannot comprehend what it's like to live in pure energy without a body in without any materialworld confines are so they're giving us something thatwe can relate to that's a positive positive %uh point reference in let'sfocus for a moment only varying levels of theother side the christian bible speaks up there being three heavens andthat's something that's rarely ever discussed in the christian churchbecause even though it's in the bible they seemto be close-minded if you will

apologized anyway that's christian likei am but that's the truth but what are the levels of the spiritualrealm but you know i love although several several levels and idon't know if you could put a number on and it's not unusual for for religionsto have different levels to the other side the hindus and buddhists believethat there's different levels arm i was raised acatholic church in the ad heaven purgatory and hell and i i waslike to joke that you know heavens for catholics perfect source for products and sevenhelpers for everybody else i

stood up to ever be like a little kid incatholic school that's kinda what they're telling us that also going at it then going but my bestfriends a bathurst yeah i never really bought that even asa kid i got my mom's other budget hooey because you know jesus and buddha aboutavatar so mom follows road courses are like themetaphysical lucille ball joan collins ginger rogers elizabeth taylor calmeryou know and and more into some has different level see the other side imean religions always do it appears more like fans a frequencyjust like on a radio

others lower frequencies are higherfrequencies in higher would would appear to be about the the higher lighter vibrations a you know closer to the godhead gotenergy and the lower vibrations are are not as wonderful now there's noartifical hell with a guy run around bat wings and a pitchfork sticking peopleand attorney eternal damnation becausethat's a bunch of medieval superstition %uh you know the christian churchcreated a bookie man to scare people

into behaving in conforming on but there is a very wide variety of levels to the other side and it appears that spirits are consciously endeavoring to to increase for vibration and theirfrequency in other words to us send to a higher level it also wouldappear that some reincarnation is real up this casestudies that i discuss in-depth in evidence attorney also thenear-death experience studies

the vast majority people that thatreturned from a some a you know death experience believein reincarnation and that somehow going through a seriesof lifetime's helps 1 %uh enhance or increase for vibration on the other side so a its it's extremely complicated yet it appears that that's all partother services ongoing process of coming intothis world are they going to the other side in and what you do andhow you behave here

has repercussions over there there's athere's a %uh you know you know there's a universal off-balance if you well hmm i used to read the bible quite a bit and i remember there being a specificssaying that jesus had said cuz i could be but completely mistakenbut this is what i remember that jesus once said you cannot enterthe kingdom of heaven in one lifetime alone that interesting the earlychristian thinkers particularly fortune about alexandria

and you know we think i v chip today wethink up a muslim country but before you know um mohammed invented islam i or or you know whatever channel thathowever harry wanted describe it each it was a christian country in isthe first three hundred years or so after the death of christ and around the year three hundred orjenna ballots andrea apps wrote up very much about that and how everyone goes througha succession of lifetime's until they become aligned with god andthat

even satan himself will eventuallyemerge from from this this pit so the early christian doctrine appears to haveembraced reincarnation i know some people scream blasphemy in her see butwhen you look at the transfiguration or jesus broughtthe summer a select group of disciples tothe top of a mountain and then brought forth the spirit somoza analyzer hello interdimensionalcommunication and then afterwards they're having a discussion and she saidwho do you say that i am

and the disciples replied some say thatyou are the prophet elisha returned other said that your john the baptist and jesus's reply was java elisha hasalready returned but they did not recognize him for heappeared as john the baptist well by all accounts elisha livesomething like eight centuries before this time frame in and a lot of people a lot of biblicalscholars and certainly when hindus read the bible ago this is reincarnationthese talking about and i read this passage many many times and that's whatit looks like

and and that's also tying into whatyou're saying you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven with but one lifetime so it may require a series of lifetimesto experience whatever it is that we have to go through in this materialworld until you get to those higherfrequencies and i think that christianity are believedvery heavily in reincarnation and it was at the ecumenical councilwhich is around i believe 538 e i'll when the roman empire which isending now we call the byzantine empire under the christian emperor justinianthe great

i at the fifth ecumenical council that'swhen reincarnation was team heresy and band and a new version of the bible was was written in you know we were earlier talkingabout the higher frequencies in the lower frequencies and that brought to mind in your bookevidence to be turning t communicating with spirits for proof upthe afterlife that there was a story you do reading abeliever a woman and her children kane to you

yes and believe her husband was also inthe afterlife yes and they were on separatelevels if you will yes i oh no you really wannatalk about their yeah i don't necessarily want to get thespoiler alert their arm but yes i there are levels to the other side and people that do for a fix things will not be on the thesame level as perfect comes let's put it that way i am yet the otherside is

follows forgiveness and understanding solet's say that there is a horrible maniac type percent and now i am and they commit atrocities here that doesn't mean on the other side thattheir and evil person because once they leave the body what they leave behind is the human egoand although illness both mental and physical thatexisted within the material world but they stillhave to reflect upon what they did while living here andthat is

not necessarily mean they get a one-wayticket to you know go hang out in the the higher frequencies so thereare repercussions for everything that we do that's why all the belief systems aretelling people treat people the way you want to betreated unfortunately people tend to prefer and twist their religions shoot in their mindsjustify their political and and personal agendas mmm-hmm you know when i was a child imean were talking for about 45 years old i came face toface with the man that

we know is jesus this is not a dream but all i saw was his appeared it wasglowing white it was nighttime and ever since thatpoint i have seen things i have heard things and on occasion also held i would help dreams of jesus what i would like toshare with you don't mind is a story that i had from one of those dreams you don't mindokay no go right ahead okay in this dream i gathered around afire

it was around we were surrounded byothers dressed in robes we sit down in front of us and there wasa man named jesus and a guy said to jesus tell us aboutdeath to make a long story short essentially jesus was telling us a storythe caterpillars life and he then went into the transitionupheld the caterpillar became a butterfly and in life we are the caterpillar and in death weare the butterfly not just to love it you know that otheri stayed with me forever and that takes me into something thathappened most recently

my father died on may the twelfth and iguess it was a week after he died maybe just a fewdays after he died actually and i was going back and forth to thecar at my parents house taken stuff for my dad that i wanted tokeep and landing right on the car staring at mewas a butterfly no matter where i moved it moved with meand it would always stare at me and not placed my hand next to her noselike paying you sana anyway i was like do i know you and as soon as i said that it jumped onmy hand

and it stayed there for like 30 minutes everywhere i went to it was ride on myhand and that made me wonder that wasaccumulate cation because i've heard that sometimes spirits will use butterflies as a form ofcommunication they can use a lot love i above creatures for communication and with all due respect to our fellowfellow creatures arm let's say being so lowerintelligence

better easier for them to direct theirattention to do things butterflies have had grasshopper even a bat set my life story the bat arm birds ofcourse i and and in the chapter in evidenceattorney which is entitled frequency pecans explain how frequently beaconsare the two-way i two-way street love in other words aspirit can omit or frequency i and and let's say there's a abutterfly com a yellow butterfly and the spear candirect the yellow butterfly

to be around you and and the spear doesis constantly with yellow butterflies and so for two weeks to keep the yellowbutterflies are some ec-one you think that your loved one becausethe spirit is sending that emission ashey conversely we can be thinking veryhappily about somebody and it sends an impulse to the the spirit was to drawthem to you the way like to describe this thinkabout three dimensional spider web then we know that %uh spiders are aware of things to hittheir webs when they they feel the

vibration so sick the spider out a bit so everyone and everything everyone thatyou know and you love is are all interconnectedenergetically i'm are tethered together and so people on the other side because they'renot not burdened by a body the the energetic link is even strongerso if you start thinking very happily about someone who's passed they pick up on that and i'll just afrequency and i'll be with you conversely they can say are not turn onthe radio now tell the jury that im

policy turn it on and there's the song that makes you think thatpercent or they make you look to the to the left in there said that yellowbutterfly and so on and so forth so frequently pecans are how they let usknow when they're around and how you can in a in essence summon them or or dropthem to you so i'm a firm believer and that bob inwhat you're experiencing israel and part of spiritual situationalawareness which we talked about earlier which is aconcept in my book is being able to

discern and recognize when you're having and experience as a result of afrequency beacon hmm one thing that comes to mind i vhave had an encounter here in my dream and i want to ask you when aspirit first moves over is a hard for them to communicate and videos do they communicate inmourned word or maybe small sentences they cancommunicate right away i don't buy into this oh they need aperiod arrest in an orientation with a spirit leaves the body here sheis pure energy energy doesn't get tired

doesn't get old it doesn't get hungry their pure energythey can communicate with us right away the question is are we ready tocommunicate with them right away and that's one of the reasons for peopleto go to my my website and lot readings with me i'm under thebook reading section it will indicate that i think it's bestif people wait four to six months before trying to make contact and the reason for that is ready forsome the guys you want to contact you want to hear from that

but people tend to be overwhelmed withgrief they could be hysterical or they could be sonam's or just sodepressed that they're not going to receive the maximum benefit from the reading mmm-hmm and if you giveyourself some time because the first couple weeks you're in that fob wereit's like you're outside your body watching what's happening it becauseyou're in a state of shock and the shock stage but that's on the trauma said sen it's on the trauma comes an then you get very very depressed

and you have to get to the point wheresome former normalcy and stability returns your life and then you're gonnayou then you're gonna be ready for the spirit communication because you'll start recognizing the thethings the information coming through and you'll get the maximum benefit fromthe reading yes run after my dad died i started to havethese weird dreams love him only heard him talk two times the last1i had a dream where someone was actually breaking into this house well my wife and i was sleeping in bedand on

iraq i could hear them getting closer tothe bedroom so i locked the bedroom door grabbed the phone call 911 and i was like you know someone broke into the house my addressbob loblaw and i was interrupted by someone calling myname in that voice i knew that boise dad and he said aha and i walk right up and so nfl real didn't it did both times i mean i've had three dreamsof them can only to have them built like they were spiritualcommunications the other one i just knew

it was a dream it was a dream any can tell thedifference because the dream has that surrealistic you knowsurrealistic unrealistic quality to it whereas a visitation feels free all it feelsreal because it was real and what happens is that when your brain goes to sleep you go from thebeta stage which is what we're in right now yourbrain mapping first our brain waves at the bay state go from beta alpha

and that for alpha spada and it's onalpha theta border their brain wave frequency begins to search spirits can see that so they slow theirfrequency down to get a frequency match and that's why communication by spiritand the dream state is one of the most common and it's and it's a favorite up spiritsbecause it's so easy for them to to contact you plus because you'resleeping you're in a relaxed state and people tend to accept thecommunication in the dream a lot more so than oh mygod i saw him standing in the kitchen

arm which does happen to in so so don't don't discount that insteadlook at that as as what a beautiful wonderful experiencein other words congratulations pops for having that experience and being able to articulate it andshare it was so many people who are are suffering with grief like you areyeah you know up i may not be suffering as much as otherpeople because the row all my life like i said i'vebeen involved with this much like you have

we do grieve it might be different fromthe way other people grieve because we are much more aware what's happening we still missed the our loved ones andthere there's nothing that were ever take that away that we will miss our loved ones untilthe day we join them absolutely known agreeing with you nor what let'stalk about spirits up animals do animals go to a spiritual plane they do the two com it is only human arrogance

which states that animals have no souls i i know so many of my finals franceanimals have no salt and i differ because in the thousands have readings that i'vedone animals come through quite a bit in fact just today i was doing a readingand this a woman scat came through and i describethe cat what he look like his personality quirks even have a cat past and then i said announcing this doglooks like a dalmatian issues oh my god my brother had a dalmatian

or her brother and his dog came throughtandem and any being capable the emotionalothers capable spear communication i had so many people asking me aboutthis that i began to compile summer love sum up the the readings thati did were animals came through so that i could illustrate how they communicate so interdimensional communication is forcommunicating with spirits have loved ones and when we when an animal comes throughi just simply refer to that as

inter-species internationalcommunication and actually fasting communicating with an animal because to differ former intelligence they'renot stupid i don't buy into that all dumb animalsaying it's a different way of processing information and intelligence because something is different doesn'tmake it weird evil wrong it's just different and what i like about communicating withanimals they're very direct its yes no black/white right wrongwhereas relationships that human beings

come with a lot of strings attached lastsubtleties and nuances they don't get with animals that'scertainly true goes back to for a long time i had a dog his name a snowball he was a ourspirits so he was white as snow so that viacom snowball he died the i guess itwas in ninety-eight and several years after he died i had adream have a man who came up to me was a black man talking to me and i didn't thinkanything of it and this was a dream but before he left hetold me that he was

snowball my dog any came to me in a formso that we could communicate now wouldn't have aproblem with it or whatever you know so that's a plus always stuck with methat snowball still building he came to me in a human form that's interesting that yeahi think that's why i haven't come across out before i think that's fascinating but the you know is is that entity camethrough excommunicated to you in a way that youcan understand it and it felt real and you felt better about it and go with it

even let's get into suicides for amoment back in 2013 a mormon at the age of twenty i actuallyhelped raise her for the first seven years of her life but weeks after her 20th birthday shecommitted suicide what happens to those individuals suchas hannah and robin williams who commit suicide all the major religions even thenormally collar buddhist are very very up anti suicide and i understand it and iagree

with being against suicide but this oh you commit suicide are goneright to hell there's no one-size-fits-all for peoplewho commit suicide and suicides a very complex behaviorit's very easy to sit in judgment somebody's committed suicide because iwill you know it things aren't that bad nothing south bad where you work yourlife no kill yourself and take your own life left you know for the person committedsuicide that's not true they see themselves in hellish reality

that so intolerable and so unbearable that there's only one escaped and thatis cessation of consciousness turning off their consciousness once and for all sothey don't have to experience orange or any of this and i'd seen that in in so so many cases and you know look at the the people commitsuicide if somebody does it have a

former revenge to get back to somebody well that'sgonna have repercussions a lot different than somebody who wasterminally ill suffering horribly their is no hope for him or her and theydecided to take her own life or what about somebody do so. mentally still or strung out ondrugs that they have no appreciation for whatthey're doing there's all types reasons and andcircumstances for how people commit suicide and whythey commit suicide

and that's why you can say if you commitsuicide this is what happens if you commit suicide you go to hell well first off there is no hell thereare repercussions thirst reincarnation other is noone-size-fits-all for suicide and we have to be understanding of that and for this family stuff people who have lost i loved one to suicide don't ostracizedthem don't treat them with contempt whatthey're going through

is unbelievably painful in and you said this man several timesalready that there is no hill 90 now how will you ever learn asian how do you explain demonic entities com first off i think they're is is amisperception i've spent on a lot of paranormalinvestigations and then i'm like when when the device is the ktwo meters the vp all at cirque could think lack it and then picking upon things in and then people say there is a demand

i am there's a lot of non-humanspiritual entities i was in in a couple difference investigations and and a cosigner forits a demon and what i found is it was not a demandit was an elemental and energy i was more lined up like plants andminerals in animals in other words human spirits in an angelic entitiesseem to be more aligned with human beings here in this world well their spirits that are aligned withother things in this world

and they're intelligent i but are nothuman and that they're not necessarily arethere not evil it's just that they have differentagendas and different things are preoccupied with so when we interfacewith them and you don't understand it sirkin calltables and chill success 0 electrical physiological response tomaking contact with the spiritual entity people tend to think that that somehownegative now source demonic possession goes i'm i don't believe in demonic possessionbecause it's once all per customer

but i do believe that there are peoplewho are transmitting germs in the united states we call them channel urs and what a channeler is are transmittedhow much is the term used in great britain is a person who is able to basically step aside while a third party uses his or her body okay so by definition maybe that could beconsidered possession but i've seen trance mediums and chandler's whovoluntarily do this and this particular

energies to come through and speakthrough them there are people who do not understandafter chandler's and so they're wide open denny'sopportunistic entities or pop then and i'll start saying and doing thingsit doesn't mean that you know there's a central command ofhell where there's a james bond type 2 longer online sending payments for topossess people arm that's offensive medieval nonsense i'm but there are people who are not able to or not discipline and how toblock this turn it off and shield

themselves against it but as far as demonic possession i don'tbelieve it and i know i defer from a lotta medians because people tellare your eternal demonic possession psyche lol you know before serb slinging wordignorance round why don't we understand what we're dealing with first because it's really easy to put thelabel evil and demonic up on something we do not understand people always fear what they don'tunderstand yes that they do

did you hear what was i it was mostrecent im out a ban this week or the week before but the bad i can has come out and saidthey're going to do a huge it uses above mexico the entire scunt rea medical because they feel it is possessed bydemanding entities or some sort upheaval the theentire thing well i'm certainly mexico can use all the help itcan get and sending positive light energy and prayers are at any group ofpeople who are inflated mean let's look at mexico

on the government's a joke themilitary's corrupted its run for the most part by drug lords andthe problem is the good people who are most the vastmajority of people in mexico are caught in the crossfire and so pope francis is also a veryshrewd and savvy politician i'm a huge fan ofthis i think is the most wonderful thing as happened in the catholic church insaint pierre i and this could also be a very symbolicstatement that we're praying for mexico because

people with egotistical and evil agendaas a ruling the country so we doing this exercises on to bring focus up on this i'm pope francis didsomething really cool last week used to me was laden air pollutant kept waitingfor an hour and france's call them on and basicallysaid you can't be waiting for an hour and you're a warmonger and you need tostop what you're doing and ukraine because you're gonna start a war andnobody wants a war it's like who else to offer the world could talk to plan a beer food in like that kudospope francis will appear

i remember it was last year i believe itwas where pope francis came out in said itwas okay to put somebody if they offended you doyou remember that om dow one now and i didn't it didn'tget but you know com one thing i like about him he's areal guy a real person you you know when hewas a a a cardinal in buenos aires inargentina he's to ride the bus into his office every day he sat thereand he listened to the people and he saw what was going on

he is a man up the people and he's notliving in an ivory tower like like so many the pups out i and i think this is what the catholicchurch is needed it needs to get outta the middle ages and into the 21stcentury i'll i don't know if he'll get a chanceto to do everything he would like to do but the you know with an organization isall done as conservative as out one i certainly the change is gonna be slowbut somebody has to start and i think he's he's really moving the catholicchurch in a positive direction he got a lot ofcriticism for inviting moslems to come

to the vatican and they prayed together well i tend to think the interfaithdialogue is a good thing in um we all believe in god and and god exists in spite of religion notbecause of religion religions perot's due to cultural differences but god is god is god and you know when when you startwondering well you know oh my gosh say so he sure got baptist er lutheran or hindu or muslim what religion is scott

god is beyond religion religions werecreated by human beings as a conduit to god in all too often they go straight because baby calm arm means have divisiveness instead of whatthey should be which is a mean sob unity is likely it really it boggles my mind how a lot ofchristians will say that you cannot go to heaven almost you are a christian and i'm away and i'm leftyou're thinking jesus was in a christian he was jewish

and you're saying nobody's going tohappen unless they are a christian and yet jesus in god has protected hispeople or whoever his people are according tothe christian bible and they never were christians yeah afriend of mine our talk about this recently and he was raised in afundamentalist upchurch in georgia and he said that that his church felt that the baptistwere too liberal okay so that gives you any idea i how conservative they were and he saidall catholics are gonna helena said and

why would that be so because believe that size people you you know the priest sprinkles water on ababy's forehead you have to be dont underwater in a river in a pool ornot gonna have a sick so let me get this straight job is going to punish you for all theturny because you're not submerged in waterand then i was some at a restaurant and my servershe was muscle on a shadow ramadan's coming up in and she said ohit's going to be really tough i said why

well you can even go swimming duringramadan because some water might get in your mouth that the sun is up you can'teven drink a glass of water and i said so let me get this straight you're gonna be punished by god and godwill get angry if do you have a glass water because you're thirsty yes and i michael and the problem withreligion its putting i rules and procedure ahead of substance so so what you're telling me is that

job really cares if you're doneunderwater or you have a glass of water when you'redying of thirst in a hot i decir climb it because wellthis is you know you're not supposed to do that and ithink that's where people go wrong is is they're getting so park down in dogma i last saw a bumper sticker reasoni love it says arm my karma ran over your dogma i just and i think we need to get get awarefrom all this ridiculous rules and get to the basics which is to treatpeople the way you want to be treated

and and do no violence in that is so true i believe in treatingpeople the way i would want to be treated regardless love their belief system regardless so they're sichuanpreferences it that doesn't matter whether i agree with it or not that doesn't matter because we are allhuman beings we should love each other regardlesswhether or not we agree with some other other people's lifestylechoices someone could be a democrat you

could be republican you might not agreewith that but you still like the people well ii there's a funny story and i'llnever forget when this happened com at a clients who was was peron an any onto an oriental rugstore and i went over there and he was tellinghis employees i'm who was an atheist he said and whois african-american and he said i want you to get a christmas tree it is goodfor business and the young guys like yeah but but iknow i don't believe in that i and and he said he said well

did you not want cuonzo of last yearthink that he had he goes i want christmas tree christmas tree isgood for business and so he sent them off to an ok game somemoney and then the guy one of the company van its i come in with somepapers in a look amigos %ah the lawyer who talks to dead people isthe ramadan has just ended because ramadan moves around you know he said we must have coffee inback love rd feared as each played a bach love ourand in which saddam these pillows and and when you deal with the

iranians are people from italy she stillrun an air sign this paper it's all things and he wanted to talk tome im kenney said arm what he said to be made a crack like0 you are here on time like a goodchristian as if there is such a thing really goes awry its were laughing andthen his employees comes back and had thischristmas tree and and my clients like this christmas tree is magnificentwhere'd you get it he said well i got it at rosenthal's christmas tree they'rehaving a honecker sale i got it half

price man like wait a sec when we get this right system %uh homesomething ats to buy a christian christmas tree from aso you yeah spare mic like us just this is mostunusual what should we call the photo i heard iton the radio today they're talking about have a merry ramaha no qualms third lap it and and i mean if if i wasn't there itwasn't happening in it sounds like you know these two guys walk into a bar but butwhat i saw was

okay see if these people fall is diversebackgrounds and they all got along and they're allhaving fun and it didn't matter if if anyone attached a spiritual religioussignificance to this this tree my clients i would be good forbusiness he thought it looks beautiful on the 80 s one got a good deal thejewish folks assaults on stay that she knows the business thereand and everybody was happy and i'm like this is what it's aboutit's okay if we have different religions it's okay if we have differentbackgrounds why don't we kinda celebrate why we'redifferent and how it's cool and survival

were right you're wrong hmm and is so true %uh mark i know there will be two events comingup you'll be at the mystic journeybookstore i believe in venice is it venice california venicebeach /url what is that it's the %uh venice is right near venicebeach tom yes i'm gonna be at mystic journeythursday june twenty-fifth and friday june 26 at the mystic journey bookstore and i'm

people are interested in tickets theycan call 310 399 7070 and if you go to my website under thecalendar of events or go to my facebook page to my websitejust like my new book evidence a paternity dot com i am and you can follow me on facebook atevidence attorney doc com and find out about my events i will bedown only signing books but i'll be speaking and conducting readings for attendees i addendum a security

before its fabulous fabulous location are the folks to runit the events coordinator jordan is justamazing the owner the store jeff they're just the greatest people to beautifulstore and i'm looking for to being at mysticjourney up thursday june twenty-fifth and friday june 26 7 p.m. now mark i do have one lastquestion for you and that is if town travel were realhere in two day where would you go to end

what would you do 5 would get thepowerball numbers from last friday can go back to powerful from lastsaturday and go back last friday and buy the ticket that's what i would do tonight i fair i bottom it would be steer so many periods of history that it wouldbe fascinating to go to i'm i you know being able to to see jesus givethe sermon on the mount that a problem there is you have to know exactly whenit happened

i'm i think may be meeting benjaminfranklin would be incredible or seeing amichelangelo work i certainly i you know i was thought to be needed tobe winston churchill and i know somebody who met him and she's very old she'sgoing 90 years old this year and she told me a story that i want toshare with you ensure all the listeners that winston churchill came to speak atwest point and he was probably about 88 years old he was very all those asround nine

interest in the early sixties and allthose the graduating class at west point so is all this john army cadets and youknow they're all get a graduate and everyone's excitedbecause meet with sen church on that's like saying abraham lincoln couple and he was very old and they got 'em up anycame up to the podium any held it and he was shaking any 8 helooked at the crowd and he said nev of give up never argue about neverargue about never never give up never give up thank you anyone sat down

and she said the whole class noweveryone was on their feet screamin she ran half forflying in the air and think about it bob what has yourmessage could winston churchill possibly year that there was a top that i mean he could priced up there talkedabout i did this and i did that but here's a man that had every reasonto surrender to be crushed by after where but he didn't he never gave up and that's a lesson toall of us if there's something that you want to doin your life and it doesn't matter

and churchill 65 years old when he waselected prime minister and this is almost twenty years laterokay comment he was still stored on force ifthere's something that you want to achieve in your lifetime do it and never give up because you have to believe in yourself and believe in god because you need that strength and that focus and realize that if you if you believe in god andhave no fear

your recognize that the presence of godis always near am always died june on your pastbeautifully said before we go is there anything else youwould like to share with the audience on my website evidence a paternity dotcom their is a crease management section and this is a resource for anyone sufferingfrom the loss of a loved one there are coping techniques that idiscuss their are guidelines if you know someonewho has lost a lot on the 10 things to say

and the 10 things not to say seesomebody a in increased also there's an expose on what different belief systems a how they view the the immortality ofthe soul and it had a lot of people tell me thatthe affirmations and a prayer section has helped him a lot it's free it's open for everybody andit's on my website evidence eternity dot com in the search for life after death we find

that the human soul is our consciousness. it does not involve the psychical body. afterlife experiences are not rare and are not fake. proof of the afterlife exists in medical records. psychics that talk with the dead the


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