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noise i'm the i'll more intense noise taki...corporation *voom* finally the only thing left to be doneis to capture the essential life data from your counterpart then you will be complete, my hyper metal sonic

when you awaken kill him -dr. robotnik laughing- sonic! i finally finished it! see? isn't it great? it's a jet propelled body board! come on, you wanna try it out? not right now. thanks. alright. i'll go use it myself.

tails is just like a little kid with his new toy. -music plays- weeeee! hey! come out here sonic! it's okay if you don't swim you could give it a try! just don't show off so much and don't forget to look where you're going! it's probably nothing. help me, wake up sonic!

come on! help! help me! wake up sonic! shut up tails! ah! ...sonic are you alright sonic? i'm fine, just fine. so, who's that? hi sonic! i have some news for you!

oh no...not that old man again. count me out! sonic, we've gotta do something to help him! you're the one who can fly! you do something! huh?! you're no heeelp! fine, i can rescue the old man all by myself! -old man laughing- sir! oh! it's you tails! nice to see you!

i have some other business with master sonic, and that's why i'm here today! you have more important things to worry about now, your rockets on fire! -old man gasping- no wonder it's getting warm! just hold on and keep it going steady, i'll fix it for you! -tails screaming- i'm not gonna give up that easy! woohoohoohoo! very impressive tails!

thanks, i had some good practice before on my bodyboard. lucky for me! sir....sir! huh? look out! what are you talking about? ahhhhh! soooooniiiic! -boom-

oh sonic, thank you. -old man sobbing- old man, hey old man! ow! old man, those things are dangerous,stop riding them! what are you talking about mr. sonic? i know how to handle them. i realize i'm a little older now butback in my day i was quite the racer! believe me, i was pretty popular with the ladies! hahaha!

mr. did you say you had some urgent business? oh, right. it's a real emergency, you see the president... -panicked babbling- ahh...the president.. he want's us to come to the presidential house right away! that's it! that's it! please hurry. you know, it might have been easier if you just called to tell us that. ah, i could have done that too...heheh -softbeat techno music playing-

-this song is actually really good!- (far away) old man, take care of the place while we're gone! of course! you can coun't on meee. sure we can. ready to go tails? right! -propellor whirling- -deep blasting sound- bon voyaaage kids! hahahaha

ahhh.... -another absolutely dank song- -it's got like piano and softbeat drums, it's chill- mr. president, what's the urgent business? -evil laughter- it's been a long time hasn't it? good to see you again sonic! dr. robotnik! please accept a small token of my gratitude for your coming all this way to see me.

-gunfire- -slash!- that's a funny way to thank us! sonic stop! sonic for the sake of my daughter, and everyone else listen to him! that's a dirty trick robotnik -robotnik laughing- no fair!

you kidnapped the president and sara so you could hold them for ransom, and take over south island didn't you? do you think i'm capable of something that underhanded? me? yes! now sonic, i've got the upper hand this is about the entire planet of freedom so you better do as i say!

no way! don't you care about pretty, young sara? heheheh help me daddy! ...little sara. sonic, please listen to whatever robotnik has to say! oh alright gimme the scoop robotnik. thank you sonic, i will. as you both well know, planet freedom is

made up of two seperate dimensions. the outer world, the one you live in is known as the land of the sky. tell us something we don't know ah, shut up! heed me! the inner dimension is known as the land of darkness. there, i lived peacefully in a utopian city called "robotropolis". until

metal robotnik, came out of nowhere! and attacked my peaceful city, with a battalion of demonic robots! they conquered us, and drove me out of my home. metal robotnik, then sabatoged the robot generator which creates the high voltage electricity for the entire city it is running uncontrollably and there is no place to store this excess electricity

according to my calculations, if the robot generator isn't stopped by sunrise tomorrow there will be a giant explosion! -snoring- fine! don't blame me when this happens! -pop- how could we stop this terrible thingfrom happening robotnik there's only one thing to dosomeone has to get through math robotnik traps

go into robotropilis and stop thatgenerator before sunrise and it should be the fastest one here!s: forget about it, you created that stupid contraption in the first place, why should i have to go around cleaning up your messes? -eggman gets owned- oh no. sonic, please do it you're the only one here that could savesouth island and the entire planet freedom. sonic, i don't care what happens to robotnic, or daddy- but please, just do this for the two of us. sonic: gasp someone tell me why i should trust robotnic when 99 out 100 times he's lying?

but what if this is that 1 other time? ohh please sonic.. <3 please sonic :'( fine. i'll do it. sonic. :d you need to take this with you tails. it's a navigator as long as you have that with you, it should take you robotropolis-

using the shortest and fastest route. thank you robotnic. sonic: come on, let's go!tails: mm! tails do you actually trust that riduclous little gadgetthat robotnic built for you? he's not exactly trustworthy... he coulda bomb for us in there. t: but dr. robotnic is the only person who knows robotroplois is! so we have to use his navigator and hope it works s: i guess so...

tails: gee i hope the president and sarah are doing alright... hiya guuu!!! -battle grunts- ha! -more grunts- no! n0! no! n0! it's n0t fair!you always beat me! everytime- alright. one more just give up, we've played a 100 times i'll stop being your hostage

(strained voice) alright.. start it again hahaha no! no! you beat me again! i can't win this stupid game! ugh, fine. r: what? i quit. hydride absolutely not the the wouldn'tthis the for five-minute

affect me for media to the land cock news rikehart me well done the i'm details you daily alright i'd right back had lied about the tornado

the land of documents happy drama w then go t west here fuck by i'll want say about this place check

like according to the dedicated even h malik ancient relics the said i never knew that the land of darknesslooked anything like this well trap to be really close by but ppl from there good idea up relics are sinking ride into the ocean it may god bribed right we carry failed

right ahead happy that is correct i am metal robotnik congratulations onyour prowess navigating through mike traxxdown at dundee play little games with the yale away danny waiting bring home you 3 polymer allied all

by you he'll can't hide romney wet summer from here dec i by hard but stupid mistake in k but pro

level for don't think you're safe yet i'm well aware that night at 1am youcan i being held i now live finally no throughout way a ticket but yeah go me well i can see the you need anything

paul frank to pick shrek like that didyou the on any now you're the only one take care where you can read a comic the cabinets i where polled you might fast feet in the water but now you're just a normal hedgehog i'll me

never make it to robotron i s how home hurry in fact by show our you like k by see stock out the college you know lucky aren't black not lucky on i think we're even no matter

but nick don't worry weekend how sack read all me sunny better enjoy his victory now becauseonce he gets to robo tropos he'll have to fight something far morepeople than metal rap pop fun are you talking about yourself youbetter keep your hand up my kinda gotta

get seven if they're knuckle yeah that's one more job i won'tget paid for but i've known you for a while so aredisplayed on your tab and you can pay me back later on are you going back to text apart findingtreasure is my absolute favorite pastime okay dude look at by three hope to see you again knuckles field

okay i couldn't send you guys internet mightown let go on what are you waiting for we gotta get moving with that robotgenerator's going to explode so this must be the entrance to revokestrapless i'd ever expected be corrected amazingplay careful you don't want to get job no noway you're right come i'm getting

by by for me you why well it mmm them something smoking in there bring it came out that speer businesses

for him hair up yeah no we backup plan by hard from at

i get it so you joe about metro back acougar uk on died what about this blog robotnik you fan for my track you came all the way here now you're 88good jobs honey doctor robotnik scientist extraordinaire have finallycompleted my greatest invention ever happened my colleague

i but men don't suck but i can't i tell you this should be a parent onequipment being electrocuted in was thank you like data collected allthe information creation type honey if britney thank you enough to pick anyway i'm going to you to destroy the real ona good i completely destroyed the by robotic good much you must fight him dog get him height mack daddy back everybody said

back nobody tried to help me i have todestroy this impostor i home keith manny i've never seen anything able tokeep up will have happening antonetti marc should be directed where but what if it's going to be able tochase them down like this so we've got think about way to catch them

he did say he wanted to destroy the landin the sky didn't eat i'm sorry bro uncomfortable come on don't be mad stay with me for a littlemonk yeah i don't want to i might go home how our what i was just about to showyou something that's really spectacular let me go looks like that pic how study

will never again be upgraded k tells what are you doing there's a walk cellright in front of us went died what what we gonna do about worked a perfect night for lying on thebeach feel like i couldn't expect you know butcrucial day march to show me something wrong way what you doing an long

yah there in the world good members well travelers lord i know got to stop could this be the work of mental block ono the only person whowould do something this terrible is right back lucky thingno one was staying here by the it doesn't look like anyone'seven been in here

her i'm uk you come home early filled up me get mad at you don't worry about it if you were herelast night he forced me to put one is closer thanholiday without changing anything friday 0 how metal doing a great job at this rate that land up the sky willonly last a few more hours now i can take my plan to the next stagethere you go sarah

this is the present i got for you but ki'll stop tinkering with that thing we've got more important things to dolike finding sack no chiropractic navigator got everything covered by thank you died to make this work i get it do you think you can actuallyfind them but what if bell sonic in sonic aren't in the same place anymore don'tworry silicon metal would definitely be in the same place i don't get it

how can you be sure of that he getsbetter with programs with electronic he knows everything it like 15 like hispersonality you know that's like you to come down here and yelled but medals overall but he's not reallysuck he break are backed by field comment speak in other words

not 12 here twins dreamlike city have been flooded for currently on fire mister president we felt something you need to see thisits comic but that's impossible had sonics houseon the line immediately share i'm okay if someone got a pic for that sometiny body tap fax k for now pay this is the president don't lookfor me right

yeah like who is this or no i'm notbecause i'm sonics best friend i c it's %uh their safe what happened to better robustness andthe generator does anybody around here care that ihave work to do. higher-priced hi go back canada me to dovery well why did you give me a red dress what youmean once metal has destroyed the land of thesky we'll be the only ones left then we can get married and live out therest tomorrow happy lives together sarah and and

hey %ah so that's what really happened even withall its earnings data that creature still can't destroy them under the skycam it's possible i've traveled asubterranean levels on this planet and i know them better than anyone i've seen first hand what is target isgoing to be and it's at the northernmost tip but this continent the land to the sky is held together bya huge glacier which joins the

continent's beneath the cotton it's like rivers atmagma spread all over the planet like blood vessels tip but the glacier was punctured by anexplosion them and rushed to the surface meltingall the nice the very backbone of our freedom wouldbe shattered the rotation at the plant with hercontinents and outer space where they would be blown to pieces ball it is impossible funny

think about what we just don't do i toldthat life didn't you tell me also hearsay good you're too late i already heard alla bit cute medal of honor character turn no reporter track free watermichael is planning to melting glacier to the north we have to stop about any cost will so dick tackled sonic justice from here

the bottom front-loaded taxpayer we'llhave to do our best to with have to stop metal ball batter pic we're going to the north pole that meansmetalitz finally found the point just got check you should get ready now by p wide cleaning up height now for the campout tales are you sure you can trackbackbank after all was built by robotic before i gave it to you

but i wanted to help ok quick team i got me into metal has to still be around heresomewhere in some now we can get down to the real bite the lights on extending will be thewinner but this world isn't big enough for bothof us and one of us has to go

where i agree you might know everything i'm going todo not going to help you since i know everything you're going to do rape isn't it no sending what's wrong with you you doing camp might change catch up by you're a perfect target for me now

back and a ready cameo know another design failure more important what happened to aroundthe the by you up it's time for you to come with me now chaos get of free i never thought you'd stoopthat low ok metal playing

can't by don't know with the track to meetbrakeman like yes ma'am help sir but pick-up 50 by black tails you saved us

by but what's wrong to it sarah you might hear go do a president's timing couldn't beweird to get sales by huh trying to overload metals myassimilating stunning personality press it luckily you're too late give mea problem

matter try sonic are you alright by dots on track there and my don't look so sad sonic my cute mom she's my you should behappy thanks to you with how your own field i still have a lot of things here nexttime i'll build an even stronger metal

that mold the handicapped by sonicspersonality and then i take over the entire planninghow it must be very humbling to be in the presence of such a great scientificmy ranger bad what you're doing for the filled with goodness everything'salright almost not why did you by so now we're finally even sonic pain okay i was getting back i but never doing so fast

you forget okay by goodnight just west


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